Friday, July 25, 2008

Heavy LTTE casualties in Mallavi fighting

More than 30 LTTE cadres including 2 Lt. Colonels of LTTE's elite Charles Anthony brigade, were killed in fierce firefights that raged in Mallavi today (25th). Fighting broke out when advancing troops of the 57 division were met with a medium scale LTTE counter offensive near Vavunikulam tank. 57 division soldiers, assisted by the army's special forces units, were able to successfully resist the LTTE attempt to regain control of area surrounding the tank.



Image Source: SL ARMY 

Troops have so far been able to find 33 bodies (27 male and 6 female) of slain LTTE cadres. In addition to the individuals identified as Pallawan (LT. Colonel) and Ambumanii (Major), 6 more senior cadres from the Charles Anthony brigade have been killed in battle. Troops have also recovered a large haul of arms and ammunition left behind by the tigers.

Meanwhile the Sri Lanka Navy  FACs attacked a LTTE boat movement off Mullaithivu coast yesterday (24th) evening. A group of 10 small LTTE boats were targeted by the gunboats and 3 of them submerged after taking damage. Naval commandos from the Special Boat Squadron (SBS) were also deployed for this mission.


  1. This is from DW for Shyam who earlier said that LTTE counter offensive killed many SLA men..

    LTTE counter offensive severely beaten

    The 57 Division and Special Forces were consolidating their newly captured positions in Vavunikulam last night. At the crack of dawn today, LTTE units launched a counter offensive using heavy mortar fire. The attackers came from south of Mallavi, southwest of Mankulam.

    Sri Lanka Army's 57 Division, spearheaded by units from 1 and 2 Special Forces, whacked the living daylights off of the LTTE's regulars and Charles Anthony unit that engaged in the counter attack.

    Reports indicated the Tigers have lost 33 men, including a Commander of the Charles Anthony unit. A local area leader identified as Anbu has also been killed in the attack. Pro-LTTE websites, including tamilnet, remained mum over the incident.

  2. Correction folks 1 Lt Colonel and 1 Major. Not 2 Lt. Colonels.

  3. Well done lions…kill them all………..

  4. DN,

    Thank you for the update..

    Is it any way possible for you to remove the LTTE dead bodies from the pics.?

    No Western country involved in any war never publish dead bodies of enemies.

    Lets draw a line here..

  5. DN,
    from the picture in this News(DN),the second from this side who is covered bu a blue cloth seems as a child soldier. a girl it seems. is that so?

  6. su,
    It's hard to tell. But could be a female cadre. Of the 33 bodies recovered, 6 bodies were of female cadres.

  7. Tangara,
    We've changed the pics now.

  8. Thank you DN...

    I am humble by the guesture...

  9. Well done boys...

    May triple gems bless you all.........

    Reuters says...

    they have changed their wording now..
    no clear winner in the horizon...not any more..

    that's how it's now...

  10. DN-
    If we have found 33 bodies surely total LTTE number got killed should be much more. ie: They may have taken some back with them.


  11. Looks like the 57th is becoming the best inf.Div in the army....

  12. DN,

    good post!

    is the 57th supported by armor? or is it only supported by its organic fire support Co. and the Art.reg?

  13. Hi DN,

    Pulling out Images was a bad Judgement call .

    Western rules wont apply for a Southern war . And your site is not a broad sheet .People come here to get unfiltered war news . So you must provide them what they want . You could have pasted a warning , if you wanted to be a ethical reporter .

    War is ugly ,so are the pictures . you should have kept those images . Most people support this war with out knowing the ground reality . You missed a great oppotunity to to educate them specially the Tamil Diaspora who is baying for sinhalese blood .

    Guess you are still not late its better than never .

  14. DN

    The idea of removing the dead carders is not bad for what its worth we should at least act in responsible way. But at the same time I think its ok to show one or two pic as long as they are not too horrific to view..

    Thx for the Update

  15. Nalanie,

    I think DN did the right thing. It's ok to show off their bunkers, captured weapons etc. but no need to show dead bodies.

    Do you like it when they show mutilated bodies of our army? I think not. It's the same the other way round as well. What we should try to do is to finish off this war ASAP with minimal damage. Showing off dead bodies gives completely the wrong message to Tamil people and also to Sinhalese people. It will alienate Tamil people even more. Now is the time to start building bridges. We don’t have to display dead bodies, everybody knows we are winning the war!

    You also have to remember that some of these people are conscripts and may have been put on FDLs against their will.

    So the humane and civilised way to celebrate victory is to do it with grace, showing dead bodies has no grace what so ever!

    DN, it was the right thing to do. Hope other media units learn from you!

  16. yep.
    Keep up the work in a responsible mannar, just as you always do.

  17. I watched the "Wanni Meheyuma" on Rupavahini & I really dont like the closeups they showed with blood on the trailors floor.
    All that Blood are also of Sri Lankan Youth who have been Brain Washed & given false hopes from the ltte.

  18. hey guys we need pics to see also dont forget that.. otheriwse we wont belive just because says (most of us).

    Anyway there could be another large scale counter attack because they might have used this to put SLDF forces on the wrong track.. But great work, SLDF we salute you.

    And please dont let your guard down SLA not till this war is over..

    Kuttu where are you.. I must say you were correct operation "Red Bird" did happen.. Ltte Cardres are all red (covered with thier own blood)

  19. Operation Red bird is underway!!!!!!!!!!

    Red Bird = Kukula = Chicken

  20. Therefore primary objective of operation Kukula is :

    Run for your lives!!!

  21. Malin,
    these photos were from & so anyone who wants to look at them can go &see.Anyway we know for a fact that Operation Red Bird of Kuttu has Back fired.
    Feel sorry for him.

  22. nalanie,
    It's assisted by armor but the bulk of the work is done by regular infantry, as always.

    Of course the actual figures are higher. Unconfirmed intel suggest that at least 60-70 dead. But of course we cant publish figures without confirmation.

  23. Now 53 & 55 divs will start Protests saying They are Missing the Actions.
    Just like Obelix in "Asterix"!!!

  24. ["Heavy LTTE casualties in Mallavi fighting"

    Kill More LTTE pigs and Achieve More peace!

    This formula has been working like magic!

  25. Blogger Nalanie said...

    Hi DN,

    Pulling out Images was a bad Judgement call .


    sinhala bit*h

  26. Kuttu freaking idiot, I haven’t seen you complain when TamilNUT publish mutilated bodies…why double standards?

  27. Kuttu

    are you a born racist or brainwashed to be one.

  28. all tigers are dead...


    Super sinhala army nobody is hurt



    Operation "Red Bird" continues

    17 Army dead, 75 injured

    B team giving good leadership

  29. Guys,

    We all know that BBC stands for “Biased Broadcasting Corporation” but here’s a trick that they missed…they always refer to LTTE terrorists as “Sri Lanka’s tamil rebels”.

    Kuttu, I wonder why that is??

  30. i'm not a racist like the sinhala people here

    find a good place to hide...hehe

    its coming...


  31. News - Sri Lanka War Situation Report 25/07/2008
    click here

    LTTE attack at Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi
    click here

  32. parakama

    BBC is a good media

    you can't accept the truth

    keyboard heroes are going to get an some fireworks soon...hehe

  33. Kuttu says…” i'm not a racist like the sinhala people here”. Come on man, just at least read your own writing!!

  34. LTTE attack at Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi


    poor sinhala....hehe

  35. So, you agree then that LTTE are also part of Sri Lanka right? If there was a country called “Eelam”, surely BBC will refer to it as “Eelam” not “Sri Lanka”, or is this just a typo?

  36. why only the red bird always what about the, brown bird, green bird and the blue bird....

  37. Kuttu…” keyboard heroes are going to get an some fireworks soon...hehe”, so if everyone here is a “keyboard hero”, then what are you? Are you actually typing from the FDL using your internet satellite phone?

  38. Kuttu do you know what a FDL is? you people live comfortable in the western world and talk. do you know what actually is happening, try and aks your relatives in Wanni how the tigers are bleeding them

  39. Great news...Brigadier "Kuttu" is back..!!

    With so much knowledge of the battlefield ...the great Brigadier will lead our LTTE terrorists to victory...!!!

    Congrats on the operation Red bird!

    Please command few more operations like this one..

  40. Parakrama

    i'm not keyboard hero because i don't advocate war

    i don't like war....i have seen the suffering

    sinhalas are invading our land

    tigers are fighting to keep them away

  41. Please command few more operations like this one..


    there was no operation today

    you will see the results of "operation Red Bird" very soon...

    till then enjoy,

  42. kuttu,

    If you don't advocate war, why don't you get tigers to lay down their arms and surrender to SLA? We can then forget about this bad dream you had called "Eelam" and sit down and do something constructive!!

  43. hemantha said...

    Hemantha i don't know whether the incident is true or not but the video is Fake .. its have just captured to to a movie ...

    who captured the video .. look at the video the gun man fires directly to the video but he still recording it how can it be possible ... or the gun man just left him alive and let him to record the scene ....?

  44. kuttu,

    On July 25, 2008 at 11:02 PM you said "Operation "Red Bird" continues".

    On July 25, 2008 at 11:18 PM you said "there was no operation today".

    Come on, make up your mind man.

  45. Shan said...
    Kuttu do you know what a FDL is? you people live comfortable in the western world and talk. do you know what actually is happening, try and aks your relatives in Wanni how the tigers are bleeding them


    sinhala army is the one that is bleeding the tamils

    sinhala army/government will suffer if they are continue these offensives into tamil land

    tigers warned of this...

  46. kuttu,

    There is no such thing as "sinhala army", this is all in your head!

  47. Parakrama

    you don't undestand what i posted

    you will find out soon what is "Red Bird"

  48. Blogger Parakrama said...

    why don't you get tigers to lay down their arms and surrender to SLA? We can then forget about this bad dream you had called "Eelam" and sit down and do something constructive!!

    Great joke.. have you forgotten why this war started try to change the rules which u made to violate the Tamils rights ...

    where is the political solution , u people formed a team to find a political solution and they still digging it for 3 yrs and they came with a solution but the Para Mahinda denied it ....

    ithin me wage thamunansalawa ravatatnta puluwan ..apiwa rawetanda baaaaaa... ok ..

  49. "if the occupying Sinhala forces, disrespecting our goodwill gesture of our people and our nation, carry out any offensives, our movement will be forced to take defensive actions"

  50. Blogger Parakrama said...
    There is no such thing as "sinhala army", this is all in your head!

    If army have only sinhala people then we can cal it as sinhala army ....

  51. Hello Shyam,

    After a long time ha? Do you remember our conversation a few months back where you admitted to ethnic cleansing & terrorism? We didn't start the war, you did. We didn't break the CFA, you did. Who closed Mavil Aru? You cannot bully Sri Lanka in to submission.

  52. In which universe is blowing up civilian buses, trains & airplanes amounts to defensive action?

  53. [where is the political solution ]

    Why should we give one?

    Is it because you ASK for one?

  54. Kuttu,

    I understood perfectly what you said. You said “Red Bird” continues. Then you said “no operation today”. What is there to misunderstand apart from the fact that you are lying through your teeth just like you do with everything else?

  55. KUTTU is right!!!

    "Operation red bird continues!!!"

  56. Shyam,

    “If army have only sinhala people then we can cal it as sinhala army ....”

    Shows us how much you know about things!! We have people from all ethnicities of Sri Lanka in our army!

  57. major battles are imminent...

    sinhala army is moving east in south mallavi

    high likelihood of a movement also from Jaffna

  58. Nalani,
    Nalani the tamil diaspora have been gunning for Sinhala blood for ages.This may have to do partly with motivating their kids overseas to do "well" in "life" and of course "marry" tamil girls.A parent's dream of trying to keep the "tamil identity" intact overseas.Know what i mean.
    For others,
    I hope we had more news(when it is safe to reveal info) from the welioya front?.I am pretty worried about it.Sometimes i cant believe what i am reading.I am used to reading "crack commando's from the LTTE elite attacked SLankan forces from LTTE bases "within LTTE areas" and killed a 1000 troops-Simon Gardner of course".Where is this bastard now then?.How things are changing."Theruwan Saranai" to our troops.

  59. thanks for the update DN

    i have a feeling that Malvi will fall very soon


  60. Shyam,
    "Hemantha i don't know whether the incident is true or not but the video is Fake .. its have just captured to to a movie ..."

    I found the video in Utube. Somebody said that it was captured from LTTE. Apart from that I can't say anything about the authenticity of the video.
    But if you don't know that the above incident was true then you must be a big "thoththa" baby.

  61. Nalani,
    I forgot to add that the best we can do is not to placate these diaspora fellows but to "pursuade" young frontline cadres to surrender so that we can return them to their parents(Currently living in SRilanka)and also provide them with "marketable skills".We really dont want to take their kids away from them.Since these LTTe diaspora fellows love their kith and kin in SLanka ..why dont they create a fund to educate them overseas and i dont mean at McDonalds.They may however have no instrument for taking this "Revenge" then

  62. ["Heavy LTTE casualties in Mallavi fighting]

    Aiyyo... Tamilnut.... dennako apita podi update ekak... preferably from that LTTE Command and Control Centre in Ma'nnar!

    Or are you selectively reporting?

    Duka thami puthe... duka thamai... Kamak neha... Gihilla vandala enna ara Velu gonage pukata!

  63. Dear Kuttu,

    The saddest part of this is not that we have lost so much ground, not the fact that we are about to get wiped out...


    RED BIRD?????? WHO THE F*!# came up with that name?

    When I was up there , we had unceasing waves!!! now RED BIRDS!!!!!

    I Know that the POET is gone!!!!..but we SHOULD Have come up with a good name...

    yours unfaithfully,

  64. hemantha,

    Of course the incident is completely and 100% true! I saw the carnage caused by LTTE with my own eyes (I'm from North Central province).

    However, I think this video is a reconstruction. There was no paved pathway between Sri Maha Bodhi & Ruwanwelisaya at the time of the attack. This video must have been constructed after Premadasa era as they only put the tiled pathways around Sri Maha Bodhi during Premada's time as president.

    Talking about paved pathways…my personal view is that they should’ve left it as it was as white sand gave it a calming atmosphere and it looked much better without all the concrete! Sorry for the distraction...

  65. //preferably from that LTTE Command and Control Centre in Ma'nnar!//

    or in vavnia !

  66. Sri Lanka's worsening human rights could hit economy -EU


  67. ps:


    Ask praba annan to watch what he eats...and exercise regularly..he doesn't look in good the rate he is putting on weight , he might sink as soon as he hits the water..

    he may have to swim in the indian ocean very soon..

    Also , make sure that Chicken is not part of his diet!!!!...Stick with tortoise eggs for now!!!

    Eating chicken will jeopardize the whole red bird operation!!!

  68. Defencewire says: LTTE Suffers biggest ever defeat since the start of this war? any more you can add DN please?

  69. According to DW tigers have asked for a ceasefire?.Hey i forgot this has been the longest "cricket match" that has been played over 30 yrs.So is this time for another "break" for Rest 'n' relaxation then?..who is bowling after the break?

  70. Parakrama,
    "However, I think this video is a reconstruction. "
    Quite possible.

    "Talking about paved pathways…my personal view is that they should’ve left it as it was as white sand gave it a calming atmosphere and it looked much better without all the concrete!"

    I think so too.

  71. A war is some thing dangerous. But thanks to some 'commander' and his 'operation red bird' whole blog is having fun. (does kuttu n tamil has ameaning like 'andare'?) No offense to our good bloger andare, didn't see him for some time.

  72. Guys,

    According to my man in the defence circle who walks with the rhythmic sound, 'tuk, tuk, tuk' that drives our baby, kuttu under bed, the casualty figers of the savages, are much more than this. This is called a bolt from the blue in its true sense.

    Most of the folks here, including myself and our beloved Defencenet were not serious about the counter attacks. We have been collectively vindicated. What a sigh of relief!


    I am glad you are not a racist. How about my proposal mate? Isn't there a better way of showing your credentials than getting marrying to a Sinhales girl? I once again guarantee that she has everything that you expect of a Tamil girl.

    Please reply.

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. Hemantha,
    Fully agree with you about the concrete mate.
    As for the bodies.. i know what you mean but then this is a defence blog and i think peoples think that a report of 33 cadres killed (and not just cadres-the world famous Charles Anthony gods..or is it charles dickens gods?)sometimes may say to themselves " hey is playing with exaggerated figures as usual".As for placating people-it is very difficult to do if you "refuse" to be placated in the first place.Dont get me wrong i am all for building bridges.

  75. Operation Red Butt launched by brigadier Kuttu...

  76. Operation Red Butt launched by Charles "Dick" Head Anthony Unit...

  77. Parakrama,
    As for building bridges the best place to start will be the south and the eastern province.The eastern province has a lot of older tamil people who dont have anyone to support them.(i know we have it even among the singhalese).they dont have their kids to support them because their children died to "liberated" the tamil di-ass-pora(i am not painting all diasphora with the same brush)who needed additional directions to attend the University of waterloo and took the wrong bus.As for building bridges it is best to start with ones neighbours i think and extend it to the rural population especially in the workplace.I think the rural population may have a "chip" on their shoulder which they must be encouraged to loose.We are all SRILANKANS after all.

  78. Srilankan,

    I agree with you but the point here is that showing dead bodies aggravates the situation even more.

    Even those Tamil people who don't support LTTE will feel some sympathy towards them when we show things like this. LTTE are so good at spin, they will somehow use these images (or at least they will try) to get international sympathy.

    But I agree that we somehow need to see it to believe it. So how about showing bodies once they've been bagged? That way it's less sensitive, what do you think?

  79. Srilankan,

    You are absolutely right! The south and east are the best places to start! We cannot start building bridges in the middle of a war! LTTE are ruthless terrorists and there's no need to build bridges with them anyway. But we have to keep an eye on the future on each move we make.

  80. Perein,
    Perein bro srilanka is in a bad way.It is the only country in this world(i think) where you have some LTTE goose living in Norway or elsewhere in this WORLD getting their knockers in a twist(due to cold gloomy weather) one gloomy day and saying to themselves "hey today i am going to appeal to bauer? about some "discrimination" attempt i dreamed up and i am going to influence a country of 20Mil people just like that-after inviting him for a sumptious meal of course".I am logging off mate.Take care.

  81. Parakrama,
    Fully agree with you mate.Will log in tommorrow.Take care.

  82. Kuttu you are such a fool. Go & get some education. That might help you in many ways.
    Ther's no such land just belongs to tamil people in srilanka. It belongs to everybody who loves the motherland. Certainly srilanka does not belong to people like you. You are born to be a refugee. You suffer because cannot learn how to intigrate
    with the socity & live in harmoney like some other tamils do in colombo.
    Srilankan forces warn LTTE if they dont give up & keep forcing your men, childern to join ltte, soon their won't be any tamil men left to marry tamil girls in srilanka. That's a garantee because your premitive LTTE 4000 cadres got zero chance with our mighty 170000 sophisticated Sl forces. They just can just walk over and kill them face to face.

  83. Hey guys, this is not a joke a some cmedian gon part. Followng is the dialoge between some two diaspora commanders. Check DW.


    Lt.Col. Kuttu: Operation "Red Bird" continues. 17 Army dead, 75 injured. B team (is) giving good leadership.

    Maj. Bhairav: Kuttu, B team means "Banu" team?

    When they give you 33 tigers in a plate, you can not hide the truth. Tell me why we do not get the actual figures these days?

    Lt.Col. Kuttu: Brother Bhairav,it is not Banu. I can't post more info on "Team B".

    This guy is funnier than I thought. BTW, we know after B team its C team. But the most intresing team is P team and finally Z team.

    Also, if you read the ealier post from DW, you will see a link from bhairav for a video which is posted by pakka-lanka in DN and we had a dought whether it is a comedy clip.


  84. SLAF need couple JDAMSKI[This is how the Russian call for JDAM's] to bomb his bunker.

    Most likely Velu will move to a submarine in coming weeks or months.I don't need to mention the country that will support this move. He can live in a such place forever courtesy of that country..

  85. Hi Kuttu

    How is operation Red Butt going? And have you heard about the LTTE's newest operation, called operation Pink Dildo?

  86. i said in DN,
    this is part of the battle in mallawi. if you look at the map,3.5km Southwest of Tunukkai where 4 MILs (which means a very serious affair) have attacked, is towards the western side of BOTH mallawi & vavunikulam.

    if it was an LTTE initiated attack as says (i have my doubts), then that means it was a flank attack by tigers to surround on all four sides our advancing troops in mallawi."

    i didn't fully explore the OTHER possibility. if it was not an LTTE initiated attack, then that means we have boxed them from almost all four sides!! this is the case according to DW.

    amazing!! this may be one of the most daring operations we ever had and hints at how this war will be fought in future. charles anthony cadres would have expected a conventional FDL based war where they can inflict maximum casualties by their style of attacks. they would have had the shock of their miserable lives.

  87. Kuttu

    The heck you know 'bout Nalini..

    She's a babe.

    And a hottie!

  88. TC from Hell...

    All their ops are now listed as 'soggy-pundai 1', soggy-pundai 2' etc..

  89. well done,lets finish them off.
    lets bless our present DUTUGAMUNUS'



  90. Parakrama

    [showing dead bodies aggravates the situation even more.]

    I vehemently disagree.

    GOSL/SLDF needs to show the pics of these dead bodies to show the racist MF, LTTE supporting Tamil Diaspora how their “Tax dollars at work!”

    LTTE paints a real rosy picture for them, with wild claims of SLDF casualties and LTTE heroics, to keep their contributions coming in and I am truly glad that and similar sites are now publishing these pics to show the truth. I have personally made strong representations to the MOD honchos, encouraging the publishing of pics as I firmly believe in the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”…!

    Who says the LTTE doesn’t show pics of SLDF dead bodies? The one who claims so in my view is either an ignorant Dolt or is doing so cunningly to help the LTTE.

    Have you guys seen the LTTE’s videos that are widely sold in the west at “pongu thamil” rallies and other so called “Tamil cultural events”…??? Well, I have and let me tell you that yes, it was not easy to see the blown up bodies of SLA bravehearts (one especially from Jayasikura period was quite vivid I recall) and the reason they include these gruesome pics are to goad the Tamil Diaspora to even contribute more, showing that they are contributing to a winning cause.

    As for “aggravates the situation even more” in your statement, pray tell me in clear terms how can the situation aggravate more?

    By showing these pics, will the LTTE Diaspora now give more money to the LTTE and ask LTTE to kill Sinhela babies by smashing their skulls on walls/treetrunks, hack with swords/axes pregnant Sinhela mothers and either yank their fetus out or leave them to bleed all night and die a slow death along with the fetus, or set off claymores in supermarkets, trains, buses and shoot at any who are fortunate to survive, or ram a truck at a big building and kill hundreds of innocents…are these the “new and aggravated” threats that we can now face on account of publishing the pics of dead bodies of LTTE sons/daughters of whores?

    Come on man…get real will you? Where were you all this while…napping in a cave? LMSSAO!!!

    [So how about showing bodies once they've been bagged?]

    Man, are you for real? Just read what you wrote and you will realize how hilarious this sounds!

    I remember this type of mindless “cautioning” was the order of the day under Ranil the Ponnaya and I for one am sure glad that era is a thing of the past!

    OaO Asithri

  91. DefenceNet

    I agree with Nalini that pulling out the pics of the LTTE dead bastards/bitches was a bad judgment call.

    This is blog that deals with WAR issues (i.e, here we don’t dabble in the fine art of meditation! LMSSAO!) and WAR issues relating to a horrific, terrorist war at that.

    These LTTE terrorist scum are not human (I have briefly reminded bloggers here what they have done in the previous post to Parakrama) and being a non-conventional “army” that has not (and cannot) formally declare war on the state of Sri Lanka, GOSL/SLDF is not bound by the Geneva Convention in the treatment of either the living or the dead LTTE!

    What bothers my mind is that the official Ministry of Defense Sri Lanka site sees it fit to publish these pictures, but this site decided not to, based on a single complaint from a faint-heart, who did it evidently with self-interests at heart and that alone (as he just could not bring himself to look at them as likely he was getting butterflies in his weak tummy) – forgetting the strategic advantage of wide publication of these pics (as I explained in my post to Parakrama).

    Truly a sad day for unbiased, unfiltered, journalism!

    :( :( :(

    OaO Asithri

  92. More SLA pics..

  93. Pundey-Kuttu

    First says to “Nalinie”

    [sinhala bit*h]

    and a couple of minutes later says:

    [i'm not a racist like the sinhala people here]

    Yes, can you believe this SOB…? Kinda like the whole “thamileelam” movement…the same crass hypocrisy!

    Hey LTTE racist sakkiliya…let me tell you who is a bit*h…

    The mother of all bit*hes was none other than your filthy, unwashed, unkempt, disease-ridden mother who whored all night long to conceive you. Shucks…too bad our boys did not catch you before you fled SL and ram a grenade up your ar*e and pull the pin and sing in chorus “GROBR”…!!!


    OaO Asithri

  94. Asithri,

    Fully agree LTTE terrorists are not humans.
    But Civilised people should not fall in to the level of animals when reporting LTTE terrorism.

    Otherwise the readers who are not familiar with the situation will find it difficult to understand who the bad guys are.

    World has moved beyond the times of showing dead bodies of combatants.

  95. Asithri,

    Fully agree LTTE terrorists are not humans.
    But Civilised people should not fall in to the level of animals when reporting LTTE terrorism.

    Otherwise the readers who are not familiar with the situation will find it difficult to understand who the bad guys are.

    World has moved beyond the times of showing dead bodies of combatants.

  96. Moshi,

    Interesting analysis there.

    You underestimated Sri Lankan forces didn't you?

    Tigers were trapped, not the 57 division. It may have been part of the 57 if not for the brave acts of the commandos.

    May the noble tripple gem bless our soldiers. Thunuruwan Saranai!

  97. Asithri,

    One more thing I have to tell you.

    Some of your colorful language make genuine peace loving Sri Lankan Tamils to leave the blog.

    We are loosing their feedback because of your comments of hatred.

    True we are fighting LTTE who deserve no dignity.

    But some of your comments are directing at all Tamils not just LTTE.

    I could be wrong.

    Honestly it is too filthy man.

    I get confussed when reading that sort of comments. I loose the sense of some of your comments..

    Keep your racists comments to yourself.Let the LTTE diehards in the blog have fun. Anyway their days are numbered.

    I wish I had the oppurtunity to tell you this in private. But there was none.

    That is all I have to tell you.

  98. I see LTTE is getting skewized along the A9 from Omanthai.

    If SLA linked the Welioya an Vaunia FDL's across A9, tigers will be trapped in Omanthe.

    May be DN can shed some light on this.

  99. Tangara

    I see you have missed the point I made – by a mile.

    Read my posts carefully and hopefully you will realize it.

    This is not a case of “world has moved…” but us winning this horrific war waged on the innocents of SL by an inhuman band of terrorists who are financed and morally supported by a rabidly racist Tamil Diaspora that is brainwashed to the hilt – into thinking that the LTTE are winning and LTTE casualties are very low and any high claims of LTTE casualties from SLDF are all lies! What is needed is “shock treatment” for this Diaspora and that’s what these pics do!

    I say what we should do is what’s to our tactical & strategic advantage and not be cowed by fear or reservation re. where the “world has moved” …this in essence has been the strategy thus far adopted by the SL politico/military apparatus and since this horrific war began, for the first time, we are now making sustained headway against the LTTE motherfcukers!

    Anyway, if you disagree, then let’s agree to disagree and drop the matter…as frankly, I don’t give a rat’s arse!

    OaO Asithri

  100. I think many of us, myself included, underestimated the pace of this war. The army has maintained continuously an offensive posture from Marvil Aru to present. If the gods are with Sri Lanka, a major part of this war will be over by the end of this year. Credit goes to General Sarth Fonseka and our very able Defence Secretary Col. Gotabjya Rajapake for creating a world class army and fightng the LTTE based on a well designed strategic plan.

  101. Tangara

    [But some of your comments are directing at all Tamils not just LTTE.]

    OK, now you crossed the line I see.

    Show me one post from me where I have leveled any attacks against “all Tamils”…and I will stand corrected! If you don’t then I will expect you to retract this statement!

    Listen…who the bloody hell do you think you are trying to advise me on how to write/express in this blog or anywhere else? I don’t recall ever asking someone pathetic such as yourself to be my mentor!

    And while we are on the topic…

    If I recall correctly, once you were a Ranil the Ponnaya fan but quickly changed your demeanor when you saw the overwhelming sentiment here…so, unlike you, I stand by my beliefs/convictions and am not afraid to give it – with spice – to the LTTE motherfcukers when warranted!

    OaO Asithri

  102. OK, it's Friday evening in my neck of the I will leave the blog to go party and let the "fearfuls" here have a jamboree to their hearts' content...

    Bash OaOA all you want now...and be happy!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  103. Asithri,
    [Show me one post from me where I have leveled any attacks against “all Tamils”…and I will stand corrected! If you don’t then I will expect you to retract this statement!

    Honestly I don't read your comments..Some are poorly written filth. No one wants to waste time reading filth. True MOST of that is directing at LTTE. Agree. But the language you use to write such comments will throw most Tamil bloggers who are not sympathetic to the LTTE cause away from the blog. Other words you are attacking the very people you should protect because of no faults of theirs.

    [If I recall correctly, once you were a Ranil the Ponnaya fan but quickly changed your demeanor when you saw the overwhelming sentiment here…so, unlike you, I stand by my beliefs/convictions and am not afraid to give it – with spice – to the LTTE motherfcukers when warranted!

    I don't have answer to this question, since the blog knows where I stand.

    [Listen…who the bloody hell do you think you are trying to advise me on how to write/express in this blog or anywhere else? I don’t recall ever asking someone pathetic such as yourself to be my mentor!


    I don't want to be any ones mentor.That is not my intention..

    If there is a poll within the blog , everyone will agree that you need tinker your foul language.

    Forget about the LTTE,
    Remeber there are many including young children and young adults read these blogs. Your colorful language will not help any of the goals you are trying to achive.

    Get that.


  104. AFP reporter visited captured Viduthalathivu ST base

  105. tangara,

    Shut th F up. If you feel asthiri is using filth and it is targeted at innocent peace loving tamils, then you need your brain checked. Ive known this blogger and the patritoism and the love for all communities that he talks about and in no way he uses filth which would " will throw most Tamil bloggers who are not sympathetic to the LTTE cause away from the blog." if you dont like his comments, dont read it but dont preach him about it. INSTEAD, spend that time to bash the ltte supporting tamils into changing their mind about the LTTE terrriorists!



    operation Tamil sakili Easyjammm!

  106. folks, for these guys *cough* kuttu, that thinks he can come here and talk about "operation red bird" and make comments such as "it is comming soon, better hide" is okay, well he will learn soo that it is not. This little kid thinks he can cause fear among us but little does he know that having an ip blocker, ipfusker,etc etc will not stop someone from following and tracing everything he says and does. So cheers to you kuttu terrorist suppporter! They are watching.

  107. This difference between tangara and asithri can be seen amobg sinhala community. One is too soft and the other is too aggresive. LTTE/ seperatists think they can get ezam becuase they misunderstand the politeness of sinhalese as their weakness. On the other hand they show to the world sinhalese discriminate them using other kind of peole.

    It took long time for some sinhalese to understand tigers and tamils are two different people. Just because one has a different opinion regarding NE problem he doesn't need to be a tiger.

    Some tigers come here and write crap. Once I beleived we should totaly ignore them. But on the other hand our silance can be interpreted as acceptance. Thus answering effectively is good and the only effective way they understand may be asithri's langauge.

    Some tamils thought they are safe due to LTTE and its exactly what LTTE need them to beleive. Its upto us (and GSL) to prove it otherwise and win normal tamils. I would say we faile in this in the sense we lost two non-LTTE tamils (navindran and STD) and retain one (B#1). (Their non-LTTEness is my opinion.)

    This is a blog and any kind of arguemnt based on facts should be there though it is different to own opinon.

  108. My appologies to the blog for stiring up a controvercy with OAO Asithri.

    I realised no one can change Asithri but Asithri.

    Besides I have better things to do than waisting my time on a fellow blogger who is not listening.

  109. Dear chaps, I totally agree with Asithri on showing pictures of terrorist carcasses. These are wretched fellows who have challenged the sovereignty of the state and the law & order needed for functioning of a civilized society. In the good old days of our kings anybody who challenged the authority of the king was soon executed and the body displayed as a warning to others. We need to send a chill down the spine of any wanna be terrorist. I say string them up by the neck and display the bodies.


  110. This comment has been removed by the author.

  111. Hey Hey,

    It loooks like , that the new 53rd is the 57th :-)

  112. Ado Sakkili Kittu and Shyam,

    You sexy ladies are talking about killing SLA using keyboard and being in western countries having luxurious life thanks to the Singhalese people (one big mistake done by Singhalese people in 1983 Tamils got a chance by Tamils to migrate to Western countries as refugees), but thousands of innocent Tamils living in Wanni live in a immense pressure and hardships as they are the people who directly see the war.

    Even International community has accepted that LTTE is now in very wear status. In fact, they are weak in man power and ammunitions. Now they have been recruiting innocent Tamils including children and people over 60 to protect Vesapile Prabaharan. Just think ladies, you people are actually killing your own brother, sisters and even now your mothers, fathers and GRANDPARENTS too. This is not good. For example, you fucking Tamils who live in others country have good education and live comfortably by jeopardizing innocent Tamils living in Sri Lanka. You are killing their rights to get required education. F**k you.

    Thopige deviyo thopilata sapa karanawa athi….. be causious about it.

  113. SL,

    You cannot shut me up, how hard you try..

    Try again..You cannot take me down like that..I will not go berserk like Asithri..Asithri is an exceptional case..His language is the filthiest I have ever come acros in a blog..No offense to Asithri..But he knows what he writes better than me..

    SL,it looks to me you evaluate bloggers patriotism by the filthiestness of the language they use..

    I respet all the bloggers regardless what they utter except the LTTE diehards.

    As I said, Asithri will be Asithri and Tangara will be Tangara.

    The Damage is already done.

    Bloggers like Rifard & Cable and Kattikuddiappan comes to the blog not because Tangara invited them to.

    If they already left the blog(hope they haven't) that is not because of Tangara either.

  114. I agree with "su" who commented about the coverage on rupavahini wanni Meheyuma.. That was too bad ! The camera was only focusing on the blood not even the total body or a face.

    However I do not agree that we should refrain from publishing the photos of dead bodies. One option would be to turn them into black and white/ grayscale and publish.

    The objective of this should be to give a psychological defeat to the enemy. I suggest that we should go further , and print out those photos of dead terrorists and captured weapons in color and air drop them in the FDLs and other uncleared areas. Objective here is to let every LTTE cadre see the situation. Currently these photos are only seen by the people who have access to internet or TV.

    By doing this we can cause the maximum psychological damage to the terrorists.

  115. Konnappu,

    Why SLA should waste time hanging the dead bodies of LTTE terrorists?

    Man why waste resources on a dead body?

    Besides no diehard LTTEr will give up the cause just because they saw the hanging dead bodies of their fellow fighters.May be they will be demoralised, but that is going to be short term minimum.
    If you see hanging dead bodies,no one will see the difference of NAZIS and GOSL.

    We need a solution in place after the war is over for the rest of the tamil people to go and enjoy their lives.
    That is the only way to stop the future LTTE fighters from taking up arms.

    Not by hanging the dead bodies of LTTE terrorists.

  116. Guys don't waste your time on the argument between me and Asithri.

    Besides I will not defend my comments any more..

    Rather it will be one way..

    I will write until the day my first comment will be deleted by the DN and the war is over.

  117. Asithri is a blood drinking worm

    Asithri is a animal not a human

    Asithri will have a really painful death

    may god help us by *removing* this scum from the face of the earth


  118. kuttu...

    Hatred and anger are injurious to our health... leave that to those who started this fake struggle based on hatred and anger... namely the LTTE and their coolies.

    Enjoy the weekend.. Who knows Elaam might land by Monday...

  119. tangara & asithri,

    both of you are great guys and i (and most patriots included) have alot of respect for both.

    we need asithri and we need tangara. we cannot lose any one of them.

    beneth the colourful language A. makes good sense and his comments were never racist as he has never openly accused anyone bcos of his/her race. his firing always has a target and a reason. from what i experienced, he is a STRONG anti-racist fighter. anyone talking racism (race-based evaluation of ppl) pisses-off A. like nothing else.

    but i do agree with tangara to some extent that it is better to avoid meddling with desruptive LTTE elements here. their days are numbered and there is no point denying them their fun.

    may God bless you both.

  120. Tangara,

    Evidently, you are a much bigger MORON than I thought!

    So, let me show, for the benefit of all bloggers why I say you are a Moron by the following:

    First you said:
    [But some of your comments are directing at all Tamils not just LTTE.] but then also immediately added: [ I could be wrong] !!!

    So, Moron without being certain, you saw it fit to level this accusation at me uh?

    Then when I challenged you by saying [Show me one post from me where I have leveled any attacks against “all Tamils”…and I will stand corrected!]...

    You said:
    [Honestly I don't read your comments..]

    Now bloggers, see the illogicality of this weakling’s argument? He accuses me of bashing “all Tamils” but when challenged, admits that he does not read my posts!!!


    As for:
    [Remeber there are many including young children and young adults read these blogs.]

    What a laugh! Who the bloody hell are you? The morality police in the www? LMSSAO! Today all (including kids) have access to the www and they come across all sorts of things that, judging by your naïve idiocy, you have no idea of even today!

    Listen, it is evident that you are a bloody weak-kneed RanilW supporting jellyfish and that’s why you can’t take me bashing LTTE racist MF’s, who utter filth here against Sinhelas, with the superlative filthy that I can muster AND also why you can’t bear to look at pics of dead LTTE bastards/bitches…so I think you really shouldn’t hide behind “kids” (like how LTTE honchos do today) to cover up your deficiencies/queasiness and should come straight.

    As for:
    [If there is a poll within the blog , everyone will agree that you need tinker your foul language.]

    What a laugh…looks like facts are speaking for themselves in the blog uh? Oh wait, I see you have a supporter here…that LTTE MF “Pundey Kuttu”…wow! Very well done..what good friends you have! LMSSAO!!!

    [Asithri is an exceptional case..His language is the filthiest I have ever come acros in a blog.]

    Aha, what a compliment! However, what amazes me is that there have been LTTE MF’s in the blog like Bhairav, Pundey-Kuttu, Shyam, etc. etc. who utter filthiest of filth against Sinhelas, but I have never seen you take an issue with them…

    Mmmmm, is it because your Ranil the Ponnaya is hoping that one day the LTTE supporters will bring him into the President’s chair, via the TNA? Got to be something like that as why else would you pick a spat with OaOA who give LTTE MF’s bellyful? As well, I recall this is not the first time you have picked a spat with OaOA so yes, this is all beginning to look very strange…very strange indeed!

    I think your problem is not that I “direct comments against all Tamils” (which you were challenged to prove and instead of doing so, slipped out like a bloody slithery garandiya! LMSSAO!), but rather the fact that I have choice words for racist LTTE supporting MF’s here and RW Ponnaya supporters too, who are in turn looking to the LTTE supporters to help their Ponna King come into power! Yes, I think this is your real problem and I recall an earlier spat that you had with me was also along the same lines!


    [I realised no one can change Asithri but Asithri.]

    Wow! What bloody condescending attitude is this? Who in the god damned hell do you think you are to assume that Asithri wants to CHANGE? LMSSAO!!!

    Asithri is perfectly happy the way he is in this blog…as much as he is perfectly happy the way he is in another forum such as AsianTribune. Here, LTTE filth come and utters racist filth against Sinhelas and in turn, they get dished out with the choicest filth from humble OaOA. Whereas in a forum such as the AsianTribune, they come but cannot utter filth so OaOA too only dishes out in similar language there! What can I say…you make the bed, you sleep on it…you choose the bride, you marry! LMSSAO!!!

    One bit of advice…you want to tangle with OaOA? Trust me, that is NOT a good idea…you really should pick someone of your own poor intellect and weak character to do so!

    OaO Asithri

  121. priyashanta,

    no, i didn't underestimate SLDFs. i only didn't explore the other possibility well enough.

  122. Pundey-Kuttu (PK)

    [Asithri is a blood drinking worm]

    May be…but how about “blood drained worms” here:

    [Asithri is a animal not a human]

    May be…but how about the “rabid animals-no-more” here:

    [Asithri will have a really painful death]

    May be…but how about the “really painful deaths, some with missing body parts” in here:

    [may god help us by *removing* this scum from the face of the earth]

    God certainly more than helped today when he enabled the bravehearts to remove the following scum from the face of the earth today:


    That’s what the SLDF boys too appear to be saying here:

    Pundey-Kuttu …nice uh? I loved the graphics PK…did you see the areas of some pics where MOD had blurred out…want me to tell you what those are? No, not going to…naughty naughty…aha, if only you knew!

    LMSSAO! Truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  123. Sl

    Thanks for the vote of confidence brother...we go a long way in battling these LTTE scumbags (from the early days of LNP I recall) and it is good to know you are still in circulation...

    OaO Asithri

  124. sniper

    Man, that's a bull's eye!

    Good stuff...made even humble OaOA blush!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  125. Konnapu,

    Excellent points...well said mate!

    OaO Asithri

  126. It will be very interesting, if LTTE can run a Blogger as same as this??

    Why didn't they??

  127. Moshey,

    Valid points...and your truly OaOA has taken them in good stride.

    Cheers bro...

    OaO Asithri

  128. OK...time to hit the to milk the cow early morning...

    Greets to all SL patriots...

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  129. B#1 asked?

    "It will be very interesting, if LTTE can run a Blogger as same as this??
    Why didn't they??"

    They like to use other people's things and imagine that they own them. (usual habit of LTTE) Clearly that's what they are doing here too... I won't be surprised if kuttu or shyam or somebody comes and tells us (defencenet icluded) to get lost because this is their blog.

  130. tangara, thanks for the links, mate.

    tangara and asithri,

    Let's put these minor hiccups and move forward; you both are making a good contribution to this blog in your own unique way: tangara, in a measured way with facts and asithri, a lot fire towards, the savages and those who come here just to provoke us and distract.

    I don't think asithri is directing at Tamils in general. I saw, at times, him praising ordinary Tamils. But he certainly is attacking the Tigers who are not just sub-humans, but inverse humans and so am I. I use the words: savages, brutes and in extreme situations, f******.

    This is the only organization that blow up our women and children with intent - women and children.

    Even the captain of Titanic heard shouting "Women and children first, women and children first," when the liner was in deep trouble. In any society, these relativey weaker souls are respected and dealt with care. Tiger brutes just blow them up.

    With regard to the photos, a balance must be struck. Displaying them is not wrong in the following context:

    Our defence establishment is always accused of exaggeration; even in here some folks don't agree with their statistics. So, the only way the army can keep its credibility is to show them.

    I think what counts here is the motive; the army is not in the buisness of diplaying the macabre graphics for the sake of it. It gives us numerical proof that their statistics are correct.

    If pictures are appropriatedly zoomed out, the issue of blood splatting on them can be addressed.

    Don't forget there are lots of folks who are determined to discredit this great institute - the army.

    BBC, AP, AFT and Reuters alway use this phrase at the end of their report, when it comes to military victories over the LTTE:"There is no independent verification of the casualty figures; both sides exaggerate their figures."

    The army has a right to hit back and hit back with proof. It is perfectly legitimate, morally balanced and above all makes sense.

  131. Asithri,

    I read your 1 out of 10 comments..That is also out of curiosity..Your comments are full of filthy words..I don't waste time reading such comments..

    I add the phrase, "I could be wrong" just to be on the safe side..You call names when you can't reasonably defend a simple argument..I did not call you names..No ill feelings..

    Again I did not read your last comments to the end..I hardly could find a sentence you write without any foul language..You should understand your comments does not help to win over the tamils who are opposed to the LTTE..

    That is the only worry..

    Live your life full of filthy comments..

  132. Para,

    Totally agree with you on showing dead pictures issue. Well said mate! Let's celebrate with grace and due consideration. We are in a different part of the world with different rules, but there are good things to learn from the west too.


  133. [
    One of the comments caught my eyes.

    flyingarty the difference 7/21/2008 11:17:17 AM
    The diference is that we dont not revel in how many foes we kill, nor do we drag their bodies through the streets. We do kill the enemy because we must. We do not display our so called trophies, nor do regard the fallen, even the Taliban, that way.


  134. Qrios, Moshe and others. Thanks for the comments.

    Enjoy the day.

  135. Are the following incidents true.

    1. Sinhalese students and academics had all been chased away from the Jaffna University in the late 1970s.

    2. In 1961 Tamil government servants formed a secret racist outfit called Pulip Padai “Army of Tigers”.

  136. This comment has been removed by the author.

  137. Personally I think SLG should divulge the identities of the dead terrorists, but at the same time they must adhere to acceptable norms of human dignity. [I know, I know, applicability of the term 'human' is debatable here...]

    What they should publish are 'head shots' of the dead and not the whole macabre scene.

    Acheives the objective, and gets the message across without upsetting anyone's finer feelings]

  138. Anyone wants to share a webspace for a project?
    Ok I will get the webspace ready.

  139. Guys,

    Until the next big news comes, I just focussed on one guy named Lakshman Kiriella, who is against the army, the operations and of course the Rajapaksa family. I must mention that he is a lawyer-turned politician, who used to run a less-than-glamorous small office in front of Dalada Maligawa.

    I wanted to find out why this folk is so against them. So, as usual, I conducted my interview with the folk when he was in Kandy on a weak telephone line.


    Q Rious Mr K***ella, good morning; how are you Appo?

    Mr K****ella Very well; we are doing very well.

    Q Rious Appo, you mean the party.

    Mr K****ella Yes, of course. I am not talking about myself. My energy is with the party, the UNP.

    Q Rious You left behind your legal practise to be an MP. The former was much more lucrative, wasn't it?

    Mr K****ella Mr Q Rious, I am a public servant; I want to help the public. I don't mind losing my fortune for that noble task.

    Q Rious Critics say only failed lawyers embrace politics. Any comments?

    Mr K****ella They may have got a point. Except me, hak hak haa.

    Q Rious You hate that famous family from the down-South. Can you spell it out?

    Mr K****ella They are southerners and I am up-country. That is not the issue, however.

    Q Rious Then what is the issue?

    Mr K****ella Mh mh er er mh he he he; no, Mr Q Rious, I have nothing against them; but hold different views - politically.

    Q Rious Sounds a bit evasive!

    Mr K****ella No, Mr Q Rious, they are good; but I can't say in public. I am a UNPer.

    Q Rious You are dead against this war. And your comments!

    Mr K****ella You see, when I was a lawyer, I used to sit in front of Dalada Maligawa, while gazing at the great temple. So, there is no room for violence in my soul. That is it. That' why I think the army must stop this bloodshed.

    Q Rious So, the LTTE can go on killing!

    Mr K****ella Exactly! let them go on killing, if they like. The army must not reciprocate.

    Q Rious And your leader holds the same view!

    Mr K****ella Yes, he does. Look, he may even be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Q Rious And you deserve your share of it too, in the event of him winning it, don't you?

    Mr K****ella You mean, the commission; yes, of course. Our leader is generous, in that sense. He has not many mortal desires; he is the nephew of late J R Jayawardena, after all.

    Q Rious I got the point; is this Nobel thing that prestigious? Even climate people get it - for instance, Al Gore!

    Mr K****ella Mr Q Rious, first to get in South Asia. That is the issue.

    Q Rious Mother Theresa of Calcutta won it.

    Mr K****ella She is of Albanian origin, you see. Not pure South Asian.

    Q Rious Critics might say your leader is from Mars. They cite his out-of-touch with reality as proof that he is not from the planet Earth.

    Mr K****ella He is not an alien.

    Q Rious He is just a Martian. By the way, how is your leader doing these days, after that famous exorcism ceremony?

    Mr K****ella Did you see him on the ITN? He looks very sweet bare-chested, doesn't he?

    Q Rious Yes, he does. The women membership of your party is on the increase. ITN did its part without knowing the impact. What is his standing in the party now?

    Mr K****ella He is riding high on a wave of popularity.

    Q Rious Mr K****ella, it is the wrong analogy. Waves have crests - the top - and troughs - the bottom. If you are at the top at some point, you certainly are going to be at the bottom too. Very feeble comparison.

    Mr K****ella How about riding on a broomstick?

    Q Rious Then he will be accused of being a wizard without a trace of wizadary.

    Mr K****ella Mr Q Rious, what would you suggest then?

    Q Rious Please, don't get me wrong. This is between you and me - strictly, between us, OK.

    I suggest a capsized canoe caught in under-currents.

    At this point, Mr K****ella, made an unauthorized trip to the nearest Loo, leaving me in a lurch. The interview was brought to an abrupt close. I was told it is Mr K****ella's nature: he never completes what he starts, the folks say.

  140. Asithri,

    First of all, let me explain you what I meant by "aggravates the situation even more". I did not mean to please LTTE. I was referring to neutral Tamils.

    You said "Come on man...get real will you? Where were you all this while...napping in a cave? LMSSAO!!!"

    I certainly was not. I am from north central province and I’ve seen LTTE violence first hand. Two of my mates had their guts pulled out by LTTE and I’ve had numerous relatives die (or losing limbs) fighting LTTE. I am not afraid of LTTE and if you’ve read my posts you’ll know that I am 100% for the war against LTTE.

    Let me ask you this question: Do you get scared when you see dead SLA displayed by LTTE? Or do you think "damn, I’ve got to kill more of those LTTE MF’s".

    I’ve been reading your comments for a long time and from what I’ve seen I can safely say that you will think the latter.

    So, the point is that you are not achieving your goal by displaying mutilated bodies. Die-hard diaspora will not get a "chill down their spine" and neutral Tamils will align themselves that little bit closer to so called "Tamil national cause".

    Your "shock treatment" will not work. If it did, then we wouldn’t be at war today as we (Sri Lankans) would have been shocked into submission by the display of violence by LTTE. No, it does not get you closer to your objective.

    We have to be smarter than this to win this war. We are winning the battles but winning the war is a completely different ballgame altogether.

    By displaying mutilated bodies of SLA, LTTE telling the world what kind of savages they are, we don’t have to scoop to their level to win this war, I agree with Tangara.


    I agree with you mate. Rupavahini needs to be more responsible than this. It is national television and they have a very wide audience, they need to be much more careful than this, this is just not responsible journalism.

    Pakka-Lanka, thanks mate!


  141. Patriots,

    From a close friend of mine I heard the following..
    There are many injured SLA men in need of neccessities at Kalubowila hospital.
    Please help them with anything you can to bring them back to normal lives.

    According to the PM, every month 400 men and women get disabled due to the current war situation in Sri Lanka.

  142. WE need Both Asithri , Tangara here . I read most of Asithri comments .Some LTTE elements who come here to write crap will not come again if they met Asithri . So we need Asithri successfully chase away those distractors . At the same time I haven't seen Asithri going after non-LTTE tamils like Navindran .

  143. Parakrama,

    Well said mate.

    After all, 70% of Sri Lankans are buddhist.

    The main reason JVP revolutions with violence did not succeed because of that very reasons.

    The JVP thought that they can force a violent revolution through sinhalese throats to grab power. The situation has not changed much.

    The second thing is earlier the SLDF establishment specially the police thought that terrorising the innocent tamils they can force them to submission. Twenty years ago, we saw at times SLA went on attacking innocent civilians to teach them a lesson.
    The results of those crimes are the reasons that LTTE to be powerful enough to rule the tamils. As Parakrama mentioned, We still fight because of those mistakes.

    This is how we should fight the war, like real Sri Lankans not like Velu's Canibals.

    flyingarty the difference 7/21/2008 11:17:17 AM
    The diference is that we dont not revel in how many foes we kill, nor do we drag their bodies through the streets. We do kill the enemy because we must. We do not display our so called trophies, nor do regard the fallen, even the Taliban, that way.


  144. Nice to have common thoughts Parakrama & Observer..

    Well I dont like to get between this bloody picture Controversy between two guys who I feel are Equally against the ltte & are not anti tamils.Tangara in a mannar I prefer & Asithri helps when ltte hardcores come to have a feast.Like Class of Marvan with Blast of Sanath,Both are Titans.
    But we Sri Lankans have proven that we treat our enemy in the noble ways. We dont want western Influence on this, the Great king Dutugamunu has shown the way to treat our enemy. I know you guys understand what He did & most importantly WHY...
    Just think.
    Agree with qrious in the method of showing proof & watch Rupavahini Wanni meheyuma Last Night & I cant think anyone accept the METHOD of PRESENTATION..

    I even saw a line saying
    "operation Tamil sakili Easyjammm!"
    passing in during the Controversy about the pictures.May be a typo.

    But Sri Lankan ARMY is a professional Army & dont let anyone feel isolated & Celebrate the Sucesses in the Sri Lankan way...

  145. Read the latest.

  146. says,
    "The two surrendered at Mallavi were residents of Jaffna while the other surrendered at Welioya was from Gampola area, the sources said."

    Well the background story of the way he involved could lead to important developments...

  147. guys check this out....
    its about a book written by an escape child LTTE soldier.

  148. Single said...

    Can you explain me why VP's daughter having good summer fun in Ireleand while same age girls dying in the front....?


    where is the son of King Mahide & so many other sinhalas ?

    so shut the fu** up

    tamils can go abroad not just sinhalas

  149. This comment has been removed by the author.

  150. Dear Tigerkiller,

    "Some LTTE elements who come here to write crap will not come again if they met Asithri . So we need Asithri successfully chase away those distractors ."

    Not true- He hasn't chased away kuttu, sharp, or bhairav. If anything, tangara's argument is correct- Asithri only chases away anyone who doesn't want to write and respond with similar filth. He seems determined to prove that the Sinhalese are a race of insecure pottymouths (for lack of a better term) who look forward to intercourse with farm animals (he keeps on talking about "humping fat mules").

    Shouldn't it be the moderator's job to chase away those who write crap on the internet?

    "At the same time I haven't seen Asithri going after non-LTTE tamils like Navindran ."

    Correct- Asithri only goes after anti-LTTE Sinhalese like tangara and myself. He has a problem with "making enemies where they do not exist." Anyone who disagrees with him is an LTTE supporter.

    The reason Asithri uses filthy language is not because he is anti-LTTE, but because he is scared of anyone who can expose his lack of substance. He doesn't want to chase away pro-LTTE types, but rather anyone who has the capacity to think. In many ways, he has all the character references of a politician.

    Now watch how predictable his response will be, just cutting-and-pasting his boring usual filth and providing nothing new. He is kind of like a trained dog which will bark when you tell it to.

  151. according to new info

    sinhala army taking hits....


    Operation "red bird" continues

    even is accepting that many sinhala super robocop troops have "laid down their lives"

  152. Terrorism expected to be high on agenda of SAARC summit


  153. Wrote these comments in the morning...

    Defencenet, Posters,
    I tend to agree with Nalinie.

    We don't like it when dead bodies of our soldiers are shown?
    Well dead soldiers are dead. We should be able
    to bear it and share the grief and accept the fact.

    There is indeed disagreement about the casualties on both sides.
    There has been instances where farcical figures have been
    given on the part of GOSL institutes. How about the incidents
    at Muhamalai? The onus on Defencenet and Defencewire are
    more so to give further information for the readers to make
    a conclusion.

    Showing of bodies confirms the claims by SLDF and also serves
    to show true picture about the war.

    As someone said if the bodies are too gruesome to watch
    then Defencenet can put up a warning.

    I strongly urge Defencenet to make available
    all information available, except where it would hurt the SLDF on the
    ongoing military drive.

    "sinhala bit*h"
    Please ignore koli KUTTU kena up my ass. He's a common mongrel.

  154. Parakrama

    You have made some good points re. showing pics of LTTE dead bitches/bastards, but respectfully [as I know you are indeed a SL patriot and your views are not expressed with self-interests at heart, unlike some other Dolts here as well some RW-UNP supporters who would rather see these pics never come out as their mantra is that MR GOSL is not winning this war and these claims of LTTE casualties are ALL lies…as well as some hardcore LTTE MF’s in Sinhela sounding names (e.g. this Wijayapala aka Wesaballa) sounding names)]….I have to agree to disagree with you.

    Where I particularly don’t agree with you is:

    “Your "shock treatment" will not work.”

    Let me tell you something that will tell you why I think otherwise…

    Remember the SLA takeover of Sampoor/Vakarai/Mutur and how the,, etc. published the dead bodies of hundreds (over 600 in total I was told by a MOD source) of LTTE maggots? Well, I heard an inside story about that from a close anti-LTTE Tamil source…evidently, upon seeing the pics many Tamils who have been loyal contributors to the LTTE had got up and asked at their WTM meetings “when will this all end?” “how many more of our boys/girls will we continue to let die in this fashion before we have our thamileelam” “are we not going against an enemy that is much better equipped now (re. MBRLs/Kfirs/MiGs)” “we think we should stop this war immediately and go for genuine peace talks” etc. etc. and evidently there had been many heated arguments and some loyal contributors had stopped their contributions.

    So, there is one bit of substantiation behind my reasoning that the widest possible circulation must be given to these pics – that shows the LTTE is today sacrificing Tamil boy and girls in a hopeless, unwinnable, war!

    OaO Asithri

  155. guys,

    while all good hearted patriots are trying to patch up the tangara-asithri issue AMICABLY, there are UNFORTUNATELY some MISERABLES who try to drive more wedges between them. LTTE is tryng to do this with SL and india.

    when there is a problem, i believe that it needs a solution not more complications.

    e.g. the sri lankan conflict b4 1983, 1983 & after 1983.

  156. Tangara

    No futher comment...except that I don't have time to go in circles with such, I for one, will never read your comments and you should do the same!

    OaO Asithri

  157. WesaBalla

    [Asithri only goes after anti-LTTE Sinhalese like tangara and myself]

    LMSSAO!!! Yep, what a laugh!

    A filthy LTTE undercover bastard, masquerading here under a Sinhela name thinks the bloggers here are all morons! Nice try bastard…but your cover was blown long ago!

    As for:

    [who (OaOA) look forward to intercourse with farm animals (he keeps on talking about "humping fat mules").

    Well, the fact that your LTTE mother is a fat filthy bitch is not my doing is it?

    Aha, predicatable OaO Asithri uh? LMSSAO!!!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  158. Asithri,

    I cannot argue with you there mate! You’ve proven your point with evidence and I don’t have any hard facts to backup my claim with.

    And as you and some other patriots pointed out, SLA has a right to prove their claims with facts.

    So I see the need to show these pictures.

    However, at the end of the day we are not a bunch of terrorists, so, we have to be a bit more clever and a bit more graceful that them when it comes to sensitive matters like these.

  159. Moshey

    [while all good hearted patriots are trying to patch up the tangara-asithri issue AMICABLY, there are UNFORTUNATELY some MISERABLES who try to drive more wedges between them. ]

    How true! There are LTTE bastards masquerading here under Sinhela names and they are determined to hijack this blog, by causing dissention amongst us, and make it another of their LTTE sites.

    Very wonder they call you Moshe Dyan!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  160. Parakrama

    No hard feelings mate...


    OaO Asithri

  161. OK, got to go check on the fat mules...

    Catch you patriots later...

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  162. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  163. This comment has been removed by the author.

  164. Guys,

    The fate of the big brute, Prabhakaran, has been taking twists and turn for three decades. Sometimes, it was too fictional. But not any more.

    The people in the defence establishment now talk about capturing him alive, rather than launching a decaptiation strike.

    As his sphere of influence shrinks by the day, he may be running out of hiding places. His former subordinates dismiss the myth around him, being a brave figure. So, death-by-cyanide is not real.
    He may be captured alive, perhaps.

    The Daily Mirror reported last week about a vertical wall being erected around his hide-out.

    We must not forget that this is a publication that interprets Ranil's soul.

    Why does it refer to a wall as vertical?

    As far as I know every wall is vertical, unless the builder is suffering from astigmatism and refuses to wear the correcting lenses. I have never seen horizontal walls and I am sure, neither have you.

    I suspect this is a ploy by the Daily Mirror to woo back its lost readership because of its appallingly biased reprorting.

    The selection of a stupid adjective shows literal bankruptcy at the heart of the organization which runs and owns it.

  165. Sun Tzu's Disciple,

    "Where did some people get this idea of a Unitary Sri Lanka? It is a hoax created by Sinhala racists without any historical basis - the North was never continuosly under rule from the South. In fact even the concept Sri Lanka were created by the British just based on political expediency. So Bhairav, keep dreaming. North-East demerger and Unitary solution were options when Tamils were spineless cowards - not any more. There will be two country with equal rights and opportunities for all races.

    If the civil war has to end permanently, rhetoric has to take a back seat and practcality become the driver."
    I got news for you, this rhetoric will not take a back seat in with community in the forseable future.

    I can see you clearly understand the Tamil psyche, but what you fail to understand is the Sinhalese psyche.

    You see for most of its history Lanka was ruled by a Sinhalese kingdom and several regional Sinhalese sub kingdoms. We faced constant invasions from South India. It was only in the 13th century that the Tamils established their first PERMANENT kingdom in the Island with the help of a Malay prince. There are many Sinhalese who still view this as a 600 year long theft of shinhala land. These historical events helped shape the Sinhalese psyche to be more wary of Tamils than vice versa.

    Then came the British who gave preferential treatments to Tamils over the Sinhalese. This coupled with the pre-existing "theft of Sinhala land" mindset made many Sinhalese look at Tamils as a swarm of pests that have befallen on their island. This is where Sinhala extremism(racism) is born a major way. It became a visible undercurrent in Sinhalese society.

    Then after independance came the Chelvanayakam(Tamil centric) episode. He was the very embodiment of what the Sinhalese(mainstream and extremists) hated so much about the Tamils. Chelvanayakam who was raised in a Lanka where Tamils had more status than the Sinhalese, could not imagine a democracy where Tamils, a numerical minority, had to play second fiddle to the majority Sinhalese. Democracy became Chelvanayakam's worst enemy.

    If there is one man who is more responsible than VP for the plight that is awaiting the Tamil people in Sri Lanka, it is Chelvanayakam. He sowed the seeds and set the stage for extreme Tamil nationalism which in turn gave birth to Tamil extremism and its most pominent practioner..VP.

  166. Oh dear Asthiri you know I think a lot of people have put up with your antics for some time but it seems even reasonable, quiet individuals are getting fed up with you.

    You remind me of a rabid mutt, lashing out at anyone who so much as whispers a concern to you, does this remind you of another mad mutt? He is perpetually rotating his rotund posterior from one 40 foot deep bunker to another. Seems you may have more in common with your ‘carcass maggots’ than you thought.

    As for your closet racism, maybe some of your low brow fans blinded by your colourful use of language happen to miss it, but the more astute amongst us have seen it ages ago. You berated poor Tangara to show you an example of this, well here you go, from the previous posting:

    “Freaking bloody IMBECILES!!! Keep sacrificing your children for a cause that WILL NEVER BE WON! We resisted you racist sons-of-whores for 2500 years and we will do it for the next 2500 years if need be! This simple fact you can't get into your thick skulls uh?”

    Pray tell was the LTTE around 2,500 years ago? So who are these ‘sons-of-whores’ you are referring to?

    This has nothing to do with being pro LTTE terrorists but everything to do with just disliking general uncouth and low brow behaviour from you. Everyone enjoys a good clown act once in a while, but no one sits in the circus all day. Which is what you are, nothing but a circus sideshow that was mildly amusing for a while, but its entertainment value has long since diminished.

    By the way I fully expect another tirade from you over this, but really the sounds of a yelping terrier while annoying are hardly worth too much concern now are they? I just wanted you to know what most people think of you, so carry on. I have no need to post further.

  167. Sampanthan today repeated that INTERNAL Self Determination SHOULD BE GIVEN or They would be looking for EXTERNAL Self determination...

    I see self determination as just Democracy.(Where people send sets of pigs to parliament) So why Separate Special things?
    We have our own set of Pigs, SO send the Equivalent pigs of North & East also & if not enough the small pig farms of Provincial & more smaller farms are also there...
    If anyone is prepared to do Good to people the established System is really enough.

    Just my thoughts..

  168. When I read this "who (OaOA) look forward to intercourse with farm animals (he keeps on talking about "humping fat mules")."...

    I laughed hysterically!! lol

    i agree the pictures need to be shown for fact purposes. There are ranil supporters who used to claim that we are fighting cows and nothing but a jungle. Where are the bodies? Well here is proof. Now all those ppl who believed ponna ranil, finally have confidence in our defense even if they dont have confidence in the dfense sec. or president. Yet they scream about corruption, and COL. Of course you cant have a war and have a LOW COL. Look at U.S. The war is taking their economy down the pipes, as is in sri lanka, thats the reality except sri lanka needs to end this brtual terrorism bc sri lanka cannot afford to g on for another 30yrs of this filth. Unlike U.S., they can continue to go on for another century because of how big the country is and how powerfully rich they are.

    What ranil supporters and some other antiwar ppl dont understand is that..if you have peacetalks..we are only prolonging the war. Its like a ticking bomb that will go on one day and during that "peace time" the bomb will only grow bigger and bigger. Or we can go for option 2, which is destroying the terrorism once in for all. We would have to make great sacrafices as we are doing now to save the future generations.

    a Minority CANNOT RULE A Majority! Anyone will agree on this. There are more things to be looked after for majority than a minority! That is why I love what General Fonseka said when he said that! :)

    God Bless our troops!!!!! FIGHT ON!!
    at htis rate, there will be no or few future tamil generations in sri lanka beacuse so many young youths have died and only the old man and woman are still alive and even now, they are given weapons training to fight as old as 50 I heard? from SF

  169. mad, you indian piece of crap,

    where the hell have you been all this time? “Freaking bloody IMBECILES!!! Keep sacrificing your children for a cause that WILL NEVER BE WON! We resisted you racist sons-of-whores for 2500 years and we will do it for the next 2500 years if need be! This simple fact you can't get into your thick skulls uh?”

    Pray tell was the LTTE around 2,500 years ago? So who are these ‘sons-of-whores’ you are referring to?

    YES the LTTE was not around, does not mean that we didnt have wars with the invading tamils who wanted to come to sri lanka and establish fake homelands. Those are the sons of wh#res, he is talking about. Go read History of Sri Lanka by Sri Lankans and not what Tamilnadu man and woman wrote!

    You son of a whor#!!!!!

    a bad book is always a bad book, regardless of what the name of a book maybe. LTTE doesnt have to be around for 2500yrs, those violent loving tamils causing terroism in sri lankan soil is still terrorism!

    p.s. I love the peaceful loving tamils. I wrote this so the LTTE die harders, acting as sinhelas wont say I am racist!

  170. Malavi can fall within the next few days


  171. sl I couldn't even be bothered to respond to the mad mutt Asithri for all these months, so why would I bother with a flea like you riding in his fur? Anyhow the stupidity of your arguments at least beg a response, so you too can get your one response from me.

    YES the LTTE was not around, does not mean that we didnt have wars with the invading tamils who wanted to come to sri lanka and establish fake homelands. Those are the sons of wh#res, he is talking about. Go read History of Sri Lanka by Sri Lankans and not what Tamilnadu man and woman wrote!

    You son of a whor#!!!!!

    p.s. I love the peaceful loving tamils. I wrote this so the LTTE die harders, acting as sinhelas wont say I am racist!

    Pray tell where did these ''peaceful loving Tamils'' you love come from? Yes they are the progeny of those invading ''sons of whores'' 2,500 years ago or whenever, do you at least now understand the stupidy of your claimed love for them while hating their forefathers?

    How do you seperate the two? this is why I say you and the mad mutt are not very good at hiding closet racism.

    Or are you going to tell us there were some good Tamils, who just sprung up on the island one day, and then bad tamils who were invading?

  172. "As a sign of this goodwill, our movement is glad to inform that it will observe a unilateral ceasefire that is devoid of military actions during the period of the SAARC conference from 26th July to 4th August and give our cooperation for the success of the conference. At the same time if the occupying Sinhala forces, disrespecting our goodwill gesture of our people and our nation, carry out any offensives, our movement will be forced to take defensive actions."

  173. kuttu,

    Very soon, folks in here are going to accuse you of discriminating against Qrious.

    You don't reply to my posts any more; that is wrong and grossly unfair.

    You said you were not a racist. That is excellent. But we need action, not just words, mate.

    Plese drop a line.

  174. India said “CEPA or interference?”


  175. //Rebel spokesman Rasiah Ilanthirayan was not immediately available for comment. Both sides routinely exaggerate enemy death tolls while underreporting their own.

    It was not possible to independently verify the military reports because the government has barred most journalists from the northern jungles where much of the fighting takes place.//

    After one year BBC/ AFP etc will write in the middle of a paragraph "SLDF captured northern province last year..". (similer to now they write ALDF cleared eastern province last year: When SLA did it we saw the same three senntences only.) Until then they copy past above three sentences.

  176. India pressurizes Rajapakse Govt. to stop operations during SAARC summit! – Sunday Lanka


  177. Mad,

    Mate, what you are saying is not so clever either!

    “Pray tell where did these ''peaceful loving Tamils'' you love come from? Yes they are the progeny of those invading ''sons of whores'' 2,500 years ago or whenever, do you at least now understand the stupidy of your claimed love for them while hating their forefathers?”

    You don’t hold the current generation responsible for their forefathers sins, that’s grossly unfair.

    I don’t see Indian Americans hold current generation of Caucasians responsible for their forefather’s sins, do you?

    Get real mate. We, as Sri Lankans, have a right to protect our motherland from foreign invaders as well as indigenous terrorists. We currently fighting some indigenous mad men, no need to make a big fuss, they’ll be wiped out soon and this problem will be sorted out once and for all.

    Defending your motherland from those who want a piece of it does not amount to racism!

  178. DN
    Some military reporters wrote 'Nithyaikulam' weva was captured. But or other local media didn't give publicity to this. As I know if captured this opens the roads to both Nedunkarni and Oddusudan, as I know. Any comments/ updates on Welioya front?

    BTW, we heard some time ago 'fierce battles are yet to be fought in wanni'. And I think now it has started.

  179. To finish off Vimalkumar on the road from Mankulam to Mullethiue by the DPU is a great achievement as this spot is very deep in the tiger territory and this means match over for VP and high time he packed his bags and left the island.
    Going to mallavi is another achivement and a great stride for the SLA as this town is another important adminstrative centre for the tigers,aps the leaders to holed up there.

  180. hey mad mutt,

    let me make things easier for you for your lil brain.

    Peaceful loving tamils = Those who came to Sri Lanka for better opportunity and to live "peacefully" with the Sri Lankans.

    Mad violent tamil invaders = Those who came to the country by force by putting up fights to grab land for their own opportunity and causing terrorism while priting fake stories about sri lanka being their homeland



    go clean toilets you ltte supporting whor#

  181. parakarma,

    Thanks for the clarification man!

    These pro terrorist,proltte,pro mythical tamilhomeland junkies will not understand. They want to keep the war going as long as possible so that they make money at western or european countries. It is sad how these people are so heartless that they only care about theri well being while THEIR OWN RACE is being killed for a fake cause.

  182. Everyone knows Minority will never rule a Majority!

    You kill one from a Minority, there will be 5 in line to fight the majority.


    You kill one from a Majority, and there will be 100 in line to fight the minority!

    brainless idiots dont have that because since they are "tamils" they think they are part of tamilnadu and that they are a majority over the sinhalese! hahahahah, you aint' nothin but a refugee who is a minority in sri lanka, you terror supporting scum bags!

  183. Parakrama,
    I agree with you bro.what sl says has much credibility also.I cannot overcome this idea that this LTTE garbage did not start simply because of these riots.I think it would have started anyway.Why does it keep reminding me of a few LTTE diasphora tamils trying to control the welbeing of 21 million people from abroad-back to 1948.Bear in mind that today we are honoured to be able to converse freely as now.Alternatives could have been.."Crack commandos of the LTTE kill a 1000 troops" or "200 sinhalese civilians "rescued" from their entrails by LTTE freedom fighters-simon Gardner".This LTTE is all about Money thats all.AT such a decisive moment in history as now lets stop fighting among ourselves.Nice article on DWire.

  184. Hmm stuff your goodwill.Pls keep it yourself.Way way waaaaayyyy too late for "goodwill" now

  185. Srilankan
    Yes! Ltte is all about making money from the Diaspora, though the Diaspora is reluctant to give them but they are spineless to say no to these vultures. They too are meek to bow down to the machination of their cunning and power hungry leaders just as the majority of the people in the island is equally meek and even helpless to fight the malpractices and large scale thuggery and corruption in the country. I think we are all victims of our mild mannered culture, though the Tamils had a escape route to developed countries but our people are trapped in poverty in the island. Tigers will never bring prosperity to their people in Vanni and the proof is there is terrible poverty and hopeless in their areas and one wonders(that includes their enlightened Diaspora) where their collected money is going to, just as we in the south wonders where our hard paid taxes go to. I am a heavy tax payer in SL and I sometimes wonder?
    Will you come to the demo tomorrow?

  186. Kevin,
    Many thanks for your comment.Agree with you fully.Once this LTTE is over(at least in SLanka)i predict a great future for Slanka.I hope you got that book we were speaking of a few days ago.Bro i could not come for the demo even if i wanted to as it will be "impossible" geographically speaking:).My sincere apologies.

  187. SL
    I sent my people all over to look for the book and they couldn’t locate it within that day. My staff and I are very busy with our work as I will be leaving for East that includes SL.Not easy to leave a running business and work in my job as well. We are giving full support to the demo. We too have a few Norwegians to rally support to the cause.
    We have constantly informed the government here not to judge the mood and the feelings of the majority of the people of SL by the small numbers that may turn up with respect to the Hugh numbers that the terrorists manage to herd their Diaspora recently in SE London, as the peace loving Diaspora in UK are small due to the fact that they entered this country legally on various legitimate schemes that is opposed to large numbers that the ‘supporters’ of the tiger lobby that came in to UK as bogus refugees, totally bypassing India that should have been the nearest port of call if they were really in distress.

  188. Mad,

    Well said mate..Exactly this is what I was trying to drive to Asithri's thick skull.

    He will go after any anti-LTTE person who are not in par with his views, almost like canibal Velu.

  189. sl,

    Man, do not generalise tamils.

  190. This comment has been removed by the author.


  191. important message to sinhala government/army

    don't wake up the tigers..

  192. kuttu

    "as a sign of goodwill..' please bend over and hold still... now that's a nice chap!

    Asithri writes in many forums and his unique style is something a lot of people have issues with. while I also do not endorse the way he expresses opinions sometimes, his value as a deterrent against some of the less savory characters that haunt the blog sphere is proven beyond any doubt. You do see some of these scum crawl out of the woodwork to crawl away and die when they encounter him. Asithri is the sword that no man wants to use, but finds useful. So leave him alone and let those who cross his path suffer the consequences.

    By the way, can we all get back to the original intent of this blog; discussion of Sri Lankan military related matters, without turning it into another bitching contest please?

  193. Does anyone know how far the SLDF are from the main LTTE bastions of K'chchi and Mullaitivu, please?

    From looking at maps, it appears that a distance of 50-70 miles still exists.

  194. sl

    These guys still think the T'nadu Tamils are coming to their aid. so your explanations are going no where.

  195. //In the Lala country a lion attacked the caravan in the forest, the other folk fled this way and that, but she fled along the way by which the lion had come.

    When the lion had taken his prey and was leaving the spot he beheld her from afar, love (for her) laid hold on him, and he came towards her with waving tail and ears laid back. Seeing him she bethought her of that prophecy of the soothsayers which she bad heard, and without fear she caressed him stroking his limbs.

    The lion, roused to fiercest passion by her touch, took her upon his back and bore her with all speed to his cave, and there he was united with her, and from this union with him the princess in time bore twin-children, a son and a daughter. //

    Disgusting! Animal sex! Mahavamsa mind setting. Acidthiri, What do you say about this

  196. puli gonna ge ya puli kanna!

    puli, are you a puli-gonna?


    tamil terrorist when into a bush, came out with blood on his pen#s, a tamil man asked him what happend, he said, his father told me to bend over, so he did. and then told him to do the same. so he did. but i squeezed too much and my father exploded. apparently, the suicide bomber had carried a bomb up his butt. the tamil terrorist fell dead on the floor.

    puli gona, what do you think of this?


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