Saturday, March 10, 2007

3 LTTE bases in Peraru region overrun

Sri lankan army's two day long offensive to capture LTTE bases in the Peraru (Trincomalee North) region ended with success today. All LTTE bases which were used as gathering points by fighters of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were overrun by SLA infantry units in the operation.

LTTE bases were subjected to heavy artillery and MBRL shelling  before infantry movement began. There was minimal close combat as most of the tigers had fled the bases when the SLA units reaches them. However bloodstains, bandages and pain killers were scattered all over the bases indicating that the artillery batteries had fired with precision.

Further north of Peraru region is the Mullaithivu district.

Meanwhile, troops on the march towards Thoppigala continued the operation for the second day. A total of 10 LTTE fighters have been killed in this operation so far and further 17 are said to be wounded.

Pro LTTE media have once again falsely reported that the tigers have thwarted the army operation. This is not the case and the army offensive has not met any stiff tiger resistance yet and is going on according to plan.

However, LTTE offered heavy resistance to the Special Task Force when they tried to advance into rebel held territory in Pullumalai. 12 STF personnel were injured and 3 were killed in this incident.


  1. i am generally skeptical about news from the front when there is an on going operation and prefer to wait till things stabilize. even eye witnesses can get things wrong in a dynamic situation. and then there is propaganda and deliberate misinformation.

    but thanks and do keep us posted. hopefully the pussies will get what they deserve now and in the future.

    overall aim of the series of focused operations is good and seem to be well planned. that is the way to win

  2. There is a communications blackout for even army commanders now. Even mobile/CDMA phones are turned off. It's hard to get latest info and some info we get cannot be revealed as it would be betraying the country.

    LTTE in Thoppigala havent seen the good part yet. They only saw MBRL/artillery/MiG long range fire and little close combat.

    They are being surrounded now. Wait and see what happens next :)


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