Monday, March 5, 2007

Srilanka received early 'information' on destroyed arms vessel

The Sri Lankan Navy (SLN) received an early tip off against the rebel arms vessel which was destroyed in the seas off Matara recently. The ship had more than 10000 artillery shells and other ammunition. The Navy also suspects that anti aircraft missiles were also on board. It would have been catastrophic for the army if the guerrillas were able to smuggle the arms into rebel held territory.

The early tip off came from Indonesia. We cannot revel the exact source as it would jeopardize national security. The ship was launched from the infamous Surabaya port in Indonesia. Most terrorist organization in the Asian region launch their arms transport vessels from Surabaya region. Another rebel arms vessel which was inbound from Surabaya port was destroyed by the navy few months ago.

Security in the southern seas was nevertheless tightened after the failed LTTE assault on SLN's Dakshina base in Galle.


  1. i thought as much, i don't think navy can keep a watch on all the ships 180 odd km away at sea. they must have been tracking it.

  2. Regardless of how they did it all that matters is that the SLN has the capability to do such a successful operation.

  3. Yeah,
    the navy is doing a great job...
    The Gov. should have Coastal surveillance Radar station along the coastline. This will help the navy in locate and intercept tiger vessles.
    And the OPV's need better EW and radar systems. If the SLN has these they will do much better.

  4. Here's the video


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