Friday, March 16, 2007

Army commandos join the battle

The ongoing offensive to capture last major rebel base in the eastern province entered a new phase during last week as the army deployed the commando regiment to carry out pre emptive strikes on strategic tiger gathering points. The deployment comes as Special Forces units of the 1st and 2nd Special Forces regiments successfully infiltrated rebel held territory inside dense Thoppigala jungle.

The LTTE lost 25 of its eastern cadres to army's ground and aerial assaults during last week. Bodies of 7 LTTE cadres who were killed in a direct confrontation with army Commandos were handed over to the ICRC. One of the few remaining LTTE leaders, Nagesh, was also reported to have received non fatal injuries in this firefight. 4 more LTTE cadres who were spying on Black Bridge and Monkey Bridge army camps were sniped by army Snipers. In addition to the ground attacks, the Air Force carried out several airstrikes on pre identified locations in Thoppigala area. Damages caused by these airstrikes are not yet verifiable.

LTTE's much feared Jeyanthan Brigade has not been able to prevent the army Special Forces operations inside rebel held area so far.


  1. What is the history behind the 'feared' Jeyanthan Brigade ? Never heard much about them before Vakarai. And best of luck to the Commandos (They don't probably need it since as we all know they are one of the best )

  2. this is not a big game to commandos.trained talented force in our country.
    i know they worry about child soldiers in ltte.


  3. Jeyanthan Brigade (Jeyanthan Panidian ) is an infantry division which consists of LTTE fighters recruited from eastern province. It's an offensive fighting formation in the same league as Charles Antony Brigade and LTTE Leapord Commandos.

    They were extensively used in LTTE's unceasing waves 1,2 and 3.
    They were also used to chase Karuna's troops out of Varugal. Current commander of Jeyanthan brigade is Jeyam (Jeyanakathi).

    It should be noted that army's elite formations such as Special Forces, Commando units, AMB and MID have routed Jeyanthan several times in the past.

  4. Yes our SF/Commando units and the 53rd div has handled these Tiger before..and like before the tigers will get whats comming..and get it hard...

  5. I’ve come across a few reports about the LTTE’s Leopards commando unit. They were the ones who carried out the attack on Katunayake. How good can the Leopards be? Equal to our Commando and Special Forces regiments or better?

  6. Leopards never undergo the same quality intense training SLA SF/Commando units get. GOSL spends average Rs 450000 to train one airborne commando. What SLA gets is comprehensive world class training from specialists.
    The main strength of Leopards is their mentality. They live to kill. They are raised in isolated environments, fed bullshit and brainwashed so that they believe killing is the way to live. Leopards that carried out the attack on Katunayake were basically suicide cadres given special training. The most active part of the Leopard brigade is it's sea going arm.
    However, I can give you many instances in which Leopards were overwhelmed by the Navy's Special Boat Squadron (Wishesha Yathra Balaghanaya - which is modeled after US Navy SEALs).
    They're quite good, but they are not god and are not as good as SLA's SBS,MID,AMB or commandos.

  7. Jayanthan Brigade? i wonder why ppl even call them a special force. Jayanthan terrorists' mission is to kill others while killing themselves. But do you know the mission of a Commando soldier? its surviving at any cost cos they have to survive first to carry out missions.

    AAB attack, Katunayaka attack all were done in the same way. first the LTTE so called 'special forces' monkeys come to govt controlled areas as tamil civillians cos no one kills civillians. and then they take accomodation near the target and stay alert. once the green light is given they creep through civillians and then give a surprise attack. But do u know how Commandos and Special Forces, specially LRRPs carry out their missions? they r sometimes heli-dropped or boated to the target area and from their they trek the jungle with their camos (not as civillians). then they set up OP(Observation Posts) near the target and keep it under survillience with snipers and long range cameras. once the green light is given by commander they jump into action. it should also be noted that they carry out only covert missions on LRRP missions. once the strike the target and confirm its taken then they head back to the base or call in helicopter extraction. apart from LRRP the commandos and special forces carry out pre emptive strikes by infiltrating middle battlespace and ambushing and striking nerve points. they r overt missions and best examples r the 5-man teams of 30 commandos infiltrating thoppigala and breaking the LTTE backbone and then in paranthan capture quite recently they inflitrated enemy defence lines by crossing marshes and paddy fields under the cover of darkness. There they ambushed and killed tiger leaders and caused a big havoc in LTTE in their own defence lines, which allowed infantry batallions to successfully break the defences with very few cassualities.

    So my point is dont ever compare the black tiger monkeys with suicide intentions, and hatred to a Commando soldier with a special training, good mentality & weapons. like Defencewire said there were many occasions where so called black tigers ran in all direcitons in fear of may be 6 or 7 commando soldiers.


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