Sunday, March 18, 2007

Special Forces capture Thileepan Memorial Hospital

Sri Lanka army's special forces units today captured LTTE's Thileepan memorial hospital in Batticaloa district. This hospital was used by the LTTE to treat cadres wounded in recent Vakarai battle. LTTE fighters who were occupying the hospital retreated in the face of special forces advance.

Inside the hospital troops found large quantities of drugs (Singhalese: Kansa) packed in bags and ready to be transported to an undisclosed location. This is further proof of previous intelligence claims which stated that tigers were engaged in illegal drug trafficking to collect funds for terror activities.

The total number of LTTE cadres lost to army's ground and aerial assaults during the Thoppigala offensive has now risen to 105. Meanwhile a dispute between eastern LTTE commanders and Wanni leadership has hampered LTTE's movements in the east. Apparently, the eastern commanders are unwilling to carry out the missions assigned by Wanni LTTE command. The dispute started when LTTE's eastern province commander Sornam fled to Wanni during the Vakarai offensive.

Meanwhile the LTTE fired 120MM mortar shells at Omanthai FDL for the 3rd day in a row. Today's attacks killed 5 army personnel and injured another 23.

Military intelligence has warned that the LTTE is planning a massive attack on Vavyniya and Mannar FDLs. SLA's recently raised 57th division, of which  the Mechanized Infantry division is part of, has been deployed in Vavuniya to face an emergency situation.

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