Monday, March 12, 2007

LTTE Major killed in LRRP attack

A claymore mine set off by the Sri lanka army's deep penetration unit known as the Long Range Recon Patrol damaged a tractor transporting LTTE cadres in Nandunkerni (Wanni District- rebel held area) on the 10th. The attack killed a senior LTTE leader and wounded 5 others.

The perished LTTE leader is identified as Major Kannan. Kannan was a specialist in advanced weaponry and weapons training. Wounded LTTE cadres are said to be receiving treatment in Mullaithiv hostipal.

This is the third claymore explosion which went of in this area during the last few weeks. LTTE senior leadership has restricted public appearances in the face of increased DPU attacks conducted by the army. They have also deployed special teams to search and destroy DPU members but this has not lead to any success so far.

The army's deep penetration unit (LRRP) is said to be one of the most succesful Long Range Surveillance (LRS) units in the world. LRRP units boast kill ratios as high as 300 LTTE cadres for 1 LRRP member.


  1. great job boys! give em hell..

    We should be careful about what we blogg on these guys..In the covert Op's publicity is best.

    Im sure our boys are the finest around in counter terror cos we are up agenst the LTTE. and doing well so far. hats off to our brave lads.

  2. Great Job Indeed ! And I don't think any info posted on this blog until now is unavailable to the LTTE, since they seem at the receiving end of all this.

    And were there any known LRRP causalities during operations ?

  3. During Eeelam war 4:

    Only 1 LRRP commando was lost.

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  5. ""We should be careful about what we blogg on these guys..In the covert Op's publicity is best.""

    All info provided in this blog are about attacks that were carried out. This is no new info for the LTTE.

    We do not reveal any info that puts the lives of army personnel in danger.

  6. Thanks for the heads up Defencenet.. keep it comming..great job

  7. Excellent! Now the L.T.T.E. will pay!


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