Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Vilpaththu massacre photos

It is now a well known news story that 8 army personnel and forest department employees were ambushed and killed by the LTTE inside Vilpaththu sanctuary. After seeing the photos of the incident, we've realized that the phrase 'ambushed and killed' do not properly describe the tragic incident.

These pictures must be seen by every human rights organization, all NGOs that operate inside this country, international community and all tiger sympathizers. The pictures reveal the true mentality and the sadistic nature of the world's most brutal terrorist organization which calls itself a liberation movement.  

After shooting the victims at gunpoint, the LTTE has apparently 'played' with the bodies. You can see the photos here. (We linked to LeN upload as we cannot upload 5Mpixel photos (even more gruesome) in our DC due to technical issues which have been bothering us for the last week). The bodies were found after a search operation which involved more than 600 army personnel.

In other security developments, it is suspected that the destroyed tiger arms vessels had aircraft components on board. In addition to this, ships also had a large quantity of artillery shells and explosives on board. Intelligence sources reveal that the LTTE is facing a severe shortage of arms and explosives.

Meanwhile senior LTTE leaders are said to be worried about an army operation into Mullaithiv jungle where Velupille Pirabaharan's hideout is suspected to be. LTTE has strengtherened its FDLs at Weli Oya (Manal Aru in Eelam termoinology) and have cut trenches for an additional 3rd defence line.


  1. dear defense net moderators,

    how concerned should we be about the possibility of a 9-11 styled ltte strike over colombo using 2-seater light aircraft? i have heard 'rumours' of such a thing happening. is there a threat and if so, what are we doing about it? if you could point me in the way of evidence (recent articles etc), it would be much appreciated.

    love your work!


  2. Yep it's a possibility. they are said to have at least 2 Zlin light air crafts.
    I have seen some 40mm guns been placed around CBO. but most of the AAG are 12.7mm AAG & 7.62mm MG's.
    We should get some 14.5mm also..i dont know if we got them in AD role..but the Navy and Army uses them. Air force has 20mm and 23mm AA guns.

  3. Fucking sadistic Bastards !

    And I saw this news at LBO, can anyone shed some light on this too ?

  4. Those pictures are sadistic, and you guys should know better than to link to them. No matter what they prove, its disrespectful to show the bodies of the dead. If it was another country, who ever released them would probably have been sued or arrested.

    But I guess the "Free media" loons at Lankaenews don't give a damn.

    And yeah sachi I saw the LBO item too. But the Defence Ministry article defending the purchases of the MiG-27s say that the SLAF chose them cos advanced aircraft like MiG-29s and other western aircraft cost about "ten times" more, they don't need too advanced stuff to hit LTTE ground targets and it will be a waste to train the pilots to fly the new aircraft. So I think it's unlikely we'll be acquiring them so soon after buying/refurbishing 8 MiG-27s.

  5. thanks for the info nemisis. i too feel this is a possibility given their past reliance on spectacular capital strikes on the commercial hub to turn popular opinion against 'keeping course'. sadly, when colombo panics it inevitably leads to peace talks. if such an attack were successful this time, the political implications for the gosl's gun boat diplomacy would be drastic. we simply cannot allow this to happen. not when we're so close.

    so they are getting ready with anti aircraft batteries. this is significant i take it from previous occasions?


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