Monday, March 26, 2007

MiG27 fighter jets bomb Mullaithiv

Putting an end to wild rumors which surfaced after the LTTE airstrike on Katunayake Air Base (KAB) , Air Force MiG27 fighter jets pounded pre identified LTTE sea tiger base locations in the rebel held Mullaithiv area today evening. Few pro rebel media on the Internet falsely reported that SLAF's supersonic jet fleet was completely destroyed in the tiger airstrike.

LTTE air attack did not damage any fighter aircraft but 3 buildings which belong to the aeronautical engineering wing were slightly damaged due to explosions which followed after tiger aircraft dropped two explosives.

Four newly acquired MiG27 craft took part in today's sortie which targeted a series of sea tiger bases in Mullaithiv rebel stronghold. Damages caused by these attacks are not yet known.


  1. Well Thats one myth debunked. MiGs are alive for everyone to see. Are you quite sure that no jets were harmed since Tamilnut is carrying stories about airmen telling reporters that a fire had broken out in the Kfir hangers.. (yeah, tamilnut is famous for plucking news stories from thin air, but doesn't hurt to be sure)

  2. Yes, what exactly is the real damage. Usually, Tamilnet exaggerates things a lot. However, the governemnt is silent, which makes me uncomfortable. Any idea if kfirs are damaged?

  3. Dear DefenseNet

    any confirmation of damage?

  4. chenkaladi's been hit. two suicide bombers on tractors laden with explosives. high casualties reported, but nothing as yet confirmed.

  5. Those SOBs just keep showing their desperation in the East. They're trying to destabilize the army and make their escape to the North. Cos they know there is no way they can hold on in the east.

    MoD so far says 4 civilians and 2 soldiers dead. But very sketchy details so they may be really underplaying the incident.

    Hopefully the Army did stop it before it entered the base like they claim, which is likely considering the civilian deaths.

  6. About the BIA attack, the Indian security expert Raman says they damaged some Kfirs and helicopters. I guess the gov. is covering that up and using the censorship laws to prevent local media from reporting about it.

    Raman also says the LTTE is trying to obtain surface to surface missiles from Hizbollah to hit targets in Colombo. That would be a real concern cos those things can be launched from over 10ks away and will be really hard to guard against.

    His article from is here

  7. And this is a step in the right direction. ol Ratnasiri is off to Thailand to cooperatively stop LTTE arms shipments from there. That will be a big blow for those fags.

  8. We cannot confirm damages to Kfir fleet as of this moment.

  9. tnkx LST,
    We too cannot confirm anything at this point. Will update when we get more info.

    [TamilNet, Monday, 26 March 2007, 13:23 GMT]
    our Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) Russian made MIG bombers Monday noon attacked Vellankulam, located north of Iluppaikkadavai in Mannar district and Pokkanai in Puthukudiyiruppu in Mullaithivu district in the evening around 5:30 p.m.

    [TamilNet, Monday, 26 March 2007, 22:24 GMT]
    Meanwhile, only two propeller-driven Pucara ground attack aircraft and a seaplane took off from Katunayake all day Monday.

    Where did those MiGs took off then?

  10. Incorrect. The only Pucara available is non operational and is on static display at the Ratmalana Aviation museum. The seaplane they are referring to is probably a UL Twin Otter air taxi.

    No Kfirs or any other aircraft were damaged in the attack.

  11. B Raman ought to be strung up by the balls and decommissioned with a bullet to the head. this geriatric mofo belongs in a nursing home with the other intel officers from Mrs Ghandi's era.

    onto a more concering issue however, is there any evidence that rebel cadres managed to parachute over KAB and engage in a gun fight with our guys? i have heard some conflicting reports about this.


  12. Ah yes the good old Pucara. Sad that the last one is just a static museum piece. I’ll never understand why the Air Force didn’t get a few more Pucaras. MiGs and Kfirs are no use in the CAS (Close Air Support) role.

    The MI-24s are effective up to a certain point, but Pucaras would be ideal with their 20mm cannon and 12.7mm machine guns on top of light bombs and rockets. How come our forces don’t use any napalm type weapons? Ideal weapon to use against LTTE infantry.

  13. Indunil,

    You need to read up and know your facts before you make comments like that. The "good old" Pucara is a obsolete aircraft completely ineffective for our role. Ever since the LTTE acquired MANPADS and shot them down they have been relegated as museum pieces or gate guards.

    What we have is exactly what we need. The Mi-24 is for CAS and we have the MiG-27 and Kfirs for mud moving.

  14. Dear DefenseNet,

    ignore previous question. my bad!

    [the 'source' of this rumour happens to be a tiger sympathiser. i have not found a shred of evidence on the net to support the claim]

  15. According to our info no attack aircraft sustained any damaged in this attack.

    If we get any updated info we'll update ASAP.

    By the way Pucara sucked big time was too easy for LTTE MANPADS

  16. The Puccara was designed for anti-insurgency operations in Argentina against guerrilla groups on par with the JVP/DJV -- basically, no real anti-aircraft capability. When the Argies used the Puccara in the Falklands, they took heavy casualties to Brit Javelins and GPMGs. There's no way they could stand up to Tiger .50s.

  17. Great comments LST,David,Hind.
    something for all.

    I wish to ask again a question i posed before this air raid took place:

    What type of AD system should the SL Gov get, at lest to Provide AD for strategic locations?
    I believe the AF has 20mm quad AAA, 23mm ZU-23-2's and some 40mm oldies for AD role along with 12.7mm HMG and 7.62 GPMG’s. We should put up some 12.7mm or better 14.5mm gun positions around strategic locations as a gap filler.
    Should we get something like the
    1.35mm Skyguard system?
    2. ZSU-23-4 SPAAG system with SA-14.
    3. OSA-AKM,OSA-AKM systems.
    4. NORINCO's TY-90 system.
    5.US Avenger system.
    6. Pantsyr S1 or Rafael's Spyder perhaps?

    And as for MANPADS which of the following: Mistral, Starstreak, Stingers, SA-18, SA-16, QW-3, FN-6.

    What do you guys think? What would be best for SL?


  18. The best defence system we can get is to train our guys to think like terrorist… what will they do next… how to achieve the best result, economic, military, psychological… we have to get out of this reactive frame of mind. We need to be proactive… apparently our new radar is shut down at a predetermined time. Our guys keep getting complacent and getting into routines. We need to be dynamic in our defences and offensives. Of late we seem to have turned a new leaf when in offence but time will tell if we can keep it up. The name of the game is to be creative and unpredictable. Something that most of our forces find really lacking.

  19. Guys we have all the tools we need we just need to use them in the most effective manner.

  20. jiffy,

    Tamilnet reflects the same numbers. In that case, the damage looks minimal (not to be cheerful). It seems that Tiger are working on some other plan other than putting a betterface for it's supporters.

  21. Yes,Elam TV has showed people danccing(Kavadi and baila) and the arsholes distributing toffees,It has been a mega celebration in Mullatiw.

    Hope the government is working on a huge counter plan and give it in their arsholes.

  22. Here comes the counterattack:

  23. Kick Fucking Ass! Airstikes on 5 different targets in 4 districts over the last 24hrs is probably the most intense since the CFA. I really like the lead


    Shows those tamil faggots they picked the wrong Air Force to mess with.

  24. Only couple of copters were damaged.. must be 212s. since we can do the complete (Depot) overhaul with Bells. i don't see any effect on that too..
    "Pucara" story already backfired on them since the aircraft Already in Rathmalana Air museum.. :o)

  25. Sam,

    thanks for clearing that up. yes i feel tamilnet has really blown it's credibility stakes on this story! Raman too! both have some very awkward back flips to do in the next 24 hours.

    the devil be ridin' the skies tonight!

  26. Hi Fellas,
    Check Bodhithaj on flicrk member profile for that awesome photo of the An 124 unloading the Mig 27's at Katu last month !It's gnarly cuz, you can see a wingless Mig 27 left of the Photo man ! So how many do the mig 27's to the SLAF Have ? But, why get Mig 29's ? They are inteceptor's with high operational cost just ask Bangaldeshi AF ! love ya comments !
    Laters !

  27. hi beau,

    as far as i know, no serious suggestion of aquiring MiG29s at present. we currently own 7 MiG-27D aircraft (3 awaiting return from a refit sometime later in the year) and 1 trainer (MiG-23UB).

  28. I don’t think we need to add to the Air Force fighter fleet. Already got more planes than we have pilots to fly them. What we need are some more transport helicopters, not them rusty Mi-17s but modern ones like the EH 101 or Eurocopter Cougar. We also need a few more attack helicopters, MI-24s and even a few MI-28s.

    Other than that we really to beef up the Navy. Our FACs need new guns that pack a harder punch, like perhaps the TYPHOON G pedestals equipped with the Mauser 30mm cannon.. Besides which we need a few more OPVs which are more heavily armed. One thing I’m curious to know. The 2 Israeli built Nandimithra class ships are supposed to be equipped with 2x76mm guns. Are these guns equipped with a radar control firing system or manual optical sight?

  29. Beau Sri, Indunil

    The reference to Mig29 is about a USAF tech guy who writes under that handle on The information he provides is quite impressive. Here's a link

  30. Not too sure whether the Mi-28 havoc is really the best bet for a gunship (as opposed to an attack helicopter). It's more of a dedicated anti-armour chopper, like the AH-64. Probably expensive too, and spares will be restricted. The Mi-24 is the best option. Or the Cobra, if you're talking about attack choppers.

    Same goes for the EH-101 and the Cougar. Expensive and restricted spares. We should concentrate on stuff for which we can get spares from a wide variety of sources. The Mi-17s are fine.

  31. Sorry Guys,
    I got confused abt the Mig29 ! DB'siz correct we need more Mil-17 & Hinds due to operational cost and climate !But,didnt the SLAF want a couple of Mil 26's Hmmm last year during the resurfacing of Palaly Runway ? I saw on Google maps a new clearing right of main runway at Palaly for a new runway ! Man... I bet the Bozos in Vanni must already reconned that too ! DB why cant Floggers takeoff from Palaly ? Is it cuz Tiger arty ? Any news on the recon pods or laser Guided gear w/SLAF ?
    Thanks Guys ! Great Comments !

  32. By the way "Pakistan donated 2 choppers " what kind ? I believe they were damaged huh ? Anyone !

  33. The SLAF's definitely not gonna base jets at Palaly. Far too easily taken out.


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