Sunday, March 25, 2007

Navy's deep sea missile vessels return home after a successful mission

Sri lanka Navy (SLN) 's deep sea missile vessels which destroyed two large tiger arms ships within one day, returned to their home base in Trincomalee last Friday. Four offshore patrol vessels were deployed in the eastern seas after receiving intelligence information [Source withheld] about the inbound tiger arms transport from Indonesia.

Navy's deep sea missile vessels engaged in the operation, SLNS Sayura, SLNS Samudura, SLNS Jaya Sagara and SLNS Nandimithra were given a warm welcome in the Trincomalee base when they returned from the eastern seas. All four ships had the Sri Lankan flag hoisted and the decks were decorated with various colorful designs.

Picure: SLNS Samudura Offshore Patrol Vessel

Some of the missile ships the SNL possess have the capability to fire the highly destructive "Barak" missile. However these missiles have not been added to the SLN inventory as of yet and therefore the SLN has to shoot at hostile vessels using medium-high armament fire. Addition of sea missiles to SLN inventory should give a huge boost to SLN's naval firepower. 

LTTE's sea wing leader Soosei (Codename Oska Sera) has previously claimed that the "Final Battle' will be fought on the 'sea'. The LTTE will have to destroy Navy's Special Boat Squadron, Fast Attack Squadron and the Deep sea missile vessel fleet; the 3 most powerful units which form the core of SLN if this statement is to become reality. As long as the Navy has these formations intact, the LTTE will never be able to win the so called ' Final Battle'.


  1. I wonder what the situation is with spare parts for the OPVs. There was a time when only one was operational due to the lack of parts. We can't afford to have our best and largest warships laid up at port.

    The LTTE could launch an attack on these ships while they are in port using frogmen and limpet mines. The Navy must get hold of some Barak missiles and also upgrade our FACs with more powerful gun. It in only a matter of time when the LTTE will try to engage the navy again in a large scale sea battle.

    The excellent our Navy boys are doing preventing the LTTEs Arms ships from resupplying them, must have the LTTE leadership worried. And their only recourse would be to engage and sink or damage our naval ships, in order to make the sea lanes safe again for LTTE Arms ships.

    The Navy can Ill afford to rest on their laurels. Because a wounded Tiger is much more dangerous and can attack aggressively without warning.

  2. Well done to our boys in the Navy. Are the FMV's armed with Barak or Gabriel ASM? Barak is a point defense SAM. Can it be used as a ASM too? I though only Singapore was sold them from israel.
    We need more OPV's,thats for sure.
    And some more maritime patrol Air crafts.
    The Navy will Probably get the 30mm Bushmasters this year.
    Any news on the torpedoes that the tigers had tried to smuggled in?
    May be it's time the Navy paid attention to its ASW capability?

  3. ASM is great for taking on big ships. But something like the SPIKE LR missile which is said to compatible with the Typhoon systems we have would be ideal to hit tiger fast attack/suicide boats and costal positions. These can be carried by our MI-24V/MI-35 gunships as well. Any thoughts?

  4. Intelligence suggests that two more LTTES arms ships may be inbound.

    Hope they too will be nuked just like the others.

  5. Read this Jane's article if your are interested in LTTE Katyusha launchers and stealth boats:

    Stealth Boat Video:

    Attack Video:

    (You'll need real player or QuickTime to view the videos and to view the 2nd video you'll have to increase brightness of your display)

  6. SLNS Nadimithra Tech details:

    SLNS Sayura Tech details:

  7. Attack on Katunayaka Air Base, at 00.45hr 26th. 14 casualties to hospital. Attack said to be an Air Raid!!

  8. the fags at tamilnet say 2 "attack" aircraft carried out the attack and returned to vanni.

  9. Did the SLN name the Indian gifted Offshore vessel yet ? The SAAR class boats are fitted with Gabriels ASM right ? not Barak's DB ? So what happened to SLN Suranimala the 2nd of the Missile boats ? Is $ issues causing the lack of Big guns on navy boats ?But,dont ya think maritime patrol craft can ease the burden by getting realtime intel ? Anyone ?

  10. Indian one is either Sagara or Sayura (cant remember which).

    SLNS Suranimawa is currently disabled or pending maintenance i think.

  11. Here's a link to a great Russian site that has info on both the SLN and the sea tigers.

    What a shame that we have to lose all these brave men and women to the mindless depravity of a few.


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