Wednesday, March 28, 2007

7th SLLI overruns Kokkadicholai LTTE base

Advancing troops of the 7th Sri Lanka Light Infantry (SLLI) captured the main LTTE base in Kokkadicholai, yesterday night. Kokkadicholai was one of the few main rebel bases remaining in the embattled eastern province.

LTTE cadres who were manning the base fled as a large number of SLA soldiers advanced in multiple directions overrunning tiger defence lines in the process. SLA sources said that Kokkadicholai base contained well constructed buildings to which even modern air conditioning systems and other luxuries were installed.

Casualty details are not yet available.


  1. Nemesis… I do believe the thermobaric weapons are more effective on an enemy who is dug in and in an enclosed area that an enemy in the open… check this link out for the destructive power of a thermobaric rocket shot from a RPG.

  2. copy that YZ,
    I think our boys use the RPO-A and a new RPG Thermobaric rocket.
    But the Russians have Thermobaric MBRLs, US & China are making Thermobaric bombs (250lb~500lb), If we can get our hands on the tigers will pay dearly ;-)

  3. if above 2 comments are any indication, some ppl lose their minds when tigers lose it seems. good riddance :-)

  4. company admits training Jaffna Tamil pilots

    The LTTE Air Farce

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  6. What Sri Lanka needs to invest in is not more expensive weapons, but in more committed troops. That will come only from providing better facilities and support services for the men and women willing to risk their lives.

    It is commitment that wins anything, including wars. If weapons could do the job, world history would be quite different. Remember Vietnam, Afganistan (Ruskies' debacle) and now Iraq ?

  7. ditto to the above comment. but investment in aircraft and precision bombs is crucial now.

  8. How come the LTTE used to slaughter entire army garrisons in the 1980's and 90's while the army now is only capable of capturing abandoned mud huts and a few obsolete weapons? Even when taking the east, the LTTE practically lost nothing other than the ability to boast. They are a guerilla organization and losing territory today means nothing in the long term. The military needs to make a greater effort to increase the LTTE body count so that we eliminate their chances of being a vastly mobile and nimble outfit that survived the day to hit back when the army rests. If not, this euphoria over so called military gains will prove to be a fatal short term illness.

  9. ditto again. in boxing a KO is usually achieved with a short sharp blow to the head. the central nervous system shuts down and it's game over. force counts for nothing if it doesn't hit the vital organs. the ltte leadership must be neutralised. simply killing dregs will not do. it's 'who' we kill, not just the numbers. LRRP, special forces, precision guided bombs, naval intercepts, destroying heavy lift capacity...all amount to KO hits. thankfully, we're starting to get better at doing that now.


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