Friday, March 2, 2007

MiG's deliver a low flying sortie over Mankerni

Today was a bad day for the Sri Lankan air force. One of their trainee aircraft crashed killing the pilot and the instructor, rendering the crashed plane unusable. However, this did not stop them from using the new Mig27's to blast a rebel training base off the map.

SLAF's newly acquired MiG 27 fighter craft delivered a low flying sortie over a pre identified rebel training base located in Mankerni. Video imagery after the attack reveals significant damage being caused to the aforementioned base. However rebel casualty details are not yet available. MiG 27 aircraft are capable of attacking the enemy while flying in extremely low altitudes. 

Meanwhile, the Navy now suspects that the destroyed tiger arms vessel had anti aircraft missiles on board along with artillery shells. The tigers have unsuccessfully tried several times, to acquire SA-18 missiles to counter SLAF threat. Was this another fruitless attempt?

Since the Kfir bombers usually bomb from high altitude, the chance of SA-18 missiles hitting a Kfir is 30%. The risk is higher with the MiG's. However, the fact remains that the tigers still have no answer other than digging deeper tunnels to counter SLAF's air supoeriority over Srilankan skies.

Related information has released a Video showing SLN FAC's attacking and sinking the tigers arms ship. You can download the video from here.

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