Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Minister D.M Dassanayake killed in claymore blast at Ja-Ela

Sri Lanka's minister of national building Mr. D.M Dasanayake has died due to the serious nature of injuries he received in the claymore blast earlier today [see previous article]. Vehicle escorting Mr Dassanayake was hit by a claymore mine set off by suspected Tamil tigers today morning at 10.45 AM near Ja-Ela Rukmani Devi junction. The minister who was critically wounded was immediately admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Ragama hospital. Due to the critical nature of shrapnel wounds received in the blast, he passed away approximately one and a half hours later at 12.20 PM.

10 other civilians including the minister's bodyguard have been injured in the incident. Two of the injured are in critical condition.

The Colombo- Negombo road has been closed to all traffic subsequent to the blast. This road which leads to the country's main international airport, is used by many VIP' daily. As of now it is still not clear if Mr. Dassanayake, who had no strong involvement in the Sri Lankan conflict, was the actual target of the blast.


  1. From what I have heard although he was not directly involved in the conflict, he was doing a good job in serving the up-country tamils and gaining their support.

  2. It's kind of ironic that successive governments have promised to build a new highway from Colombo to BIA. Six Ministers of Nation Building and it's still not complete.

    It'll have been a lot tougher for the LTTE to set up claymores and accurately target VIP convoys on such a highway. I'd say this should be a wake up call to politicians to stop stealing and actually get some work done, but who am I kidding?

  3. How will the govt. respond to this according to the new ground realities?

    Only a good retalation will teach the tigers a lesson. Unless tigers will "pick them one by one".

  4. I don't think there is anything that the Government or LTTE is holding back on to do a 'retaliation'. That's why the CFA was meaningless anyway - it is all-out and has been for the last year.

  5. I'd say the target might've been someone like Jeyaraj and not DM...
    but the strong point here is that these guys managed to plant a claymore that and use it to take out the target... though most probably this was not the intended target the results were what ltte wanted...

  6. There is a lot of difference operating in the shadows of the CFA and otherwise.

    There are no observers in Vanni to check into casualties, report on them, etc. Otherwise everytime the SLAF bombs SLMM Norwegians count civilian casualties. This greatly deterred otherwise care-free SLAF attacks.

    At least the govt. should prove its point that without the CFA they are better handling the tigers.

  7. Two others who were injured have died.

  8. defencenet...
    are these bystanders or part of ministers security

  9. "Minister D.M Dassanayake killed in claymore blast at Ja-Ela"

    This is impossible. LTTE started bombings after that stupid CFA. Before that there were no bomb explosions in Colombo. How come this happens when there's no CFA again?

  10. THIS IS A DEFENCE RELATED BLOG WHERE JOKERS such as chintanaya are not accepted. Pls talk something related to its purpose pls... If not please go somewhere else. Because of clowns like you, we find it very hard to find important information here. Most of the blogger here are intelligent and they post very valuable ideas and it's sad that we find it very hard to figure out those important info just because of the puppets like you acting silly.
    WE R NOT interested in RW or VP or the ceasefire. (seems that u r) if so please find a suitable place.

  11. Mr. Chinthanaya,

    You don't know what you're talking. This is not a Children’s Playground or Fancy Dress Competition. Please don't post underage comments here. This is a kind request from all the visitors here.

    LTTE terrorists were exploding bombs in the past, now and in the future too. They won't stop till they are stopped by Security Forces. If you have a problem with LTTE bombing, please ask LTTE not to trigger them. Don't say it here. Try to improve yourself by only putting sensible comments.

  12. It is high time that MR exercised more caution while travelling, even in his stronghold, the south, especially when his movements or plans are very well-known.

    It is the last thing we want to hear, no matter how remotely possible it is.

    There have been security lapses in recent months; it is time the authorities made a good evaluation of the people who manned the specific areas.

    More involvement of the army in stealth operations is not a bad idea in the light of these developments.

  13. This was an attack devised for someone else, this guy has nothing to do with LTTE, probably LTTE is trying to kill anyone they can, they are desperate now...

  14. CHRONOLOGY-Attacks blamed on Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers

  15. If they are trying to get back at the government for Charles's death this seems like a very poor try to me. D.M was a minister but he was not greatly involved in anything against LTTE. Looks like they are attacking people with lower security now, as they can't get their high priority targets. But if this was an attack that was intended for someone else, it shows the weakness of their intel, they can't even recognize the correct convoy. Whatever it is, the LTTE seems to be desperately trying everything they can.

  16. This is a good tactic.

    If any attack in South, SLAF flies over North.

    -Air strike destroys a LTTE command post-MCNS

    My Idea is we should create nice and attractive advertisement
    to keep people Alert about these kind of attacks and should
    telecast all the time by TV and Radio.
    Without civilian support its is difficult for Solders to stop these type of attacks

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  18. Thank god,a dirty minister was taken out,rather than an innocent civillian!! next up-merv the perv?(mervin)..hope he gets eliminated too..

  19. chintanaya- "mage hada karai gatha karai sokari yanne epa!!" lol..

  20. Thanx for the start “Attack is the Best Defence”

    I think we have seen increase of such incidents in recent posts,
    As you ppl already mentioned, most of ppl who coming here are more sensible and that’s why they have chosen this site and they believe in the path military and government have taken, up to some extent and need to share what they know which might helpful for ppl and the authorities
    We have seen enough jokes and foolishness in other webs but not here please anybody comes here maintain the discipline, the most important thing for an anywhere

  21. Bomb In Fort just went off a few minutes ago... apparently near lake house

  22. Thankfully no injured according to the news

  23. DefenceNet,

    is it true that the Air Force Commander had passed the area a few moment before the bomb went off???

  24. Most likely Dassanayake was the target and chosen because it was an easy hit.

    They would have a good idea he would journey on this route for opening of Parliament and was able to attack without having to penetrate the greater security in Colombo and of higher profile ministers.

    At the end of day they got a non-cabinet minister with a claymore at no cost to them and without the huge blast and civilian casualties (negative publicity internationally) that a VVIP target would necessitate.

    Now the government will have to review security of all junior ministers and that could mean extra backup vehicles which means less troops to fight on battlefield.

    Same with Lake House area bomb. Having random small bombs even without casualty is a plus for LTTE. It affects public morale, requires greater troop deployment and will affect tourism and business. I hope AF Coomander travels in bomb proof car that is immuned to these attacks. Look at Bhutto attack, everyone inside the bomb proof car survived.

    LTTE is diversifying the tactics. One big strike is very good for them but small strikes are easier to conduct and means more pressure on troops. Problem is that if our troops fail to stop even one tiny bomb it is a success for LTTE even if we have foiled 99 others. That is the problem with terrorism. They only need to be lucky once to have a success. We need to succeed everytime always.

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  26. We have to expect more of those in the near future. We are in the normal loop which we were experiencing last decade. After this stage of bombs in Colombo, next we go for another round of peace talk. Hope at least this time, we are able to break this cycle.

  27. Fellas .. what the hell did ya expect from those faggots in wanni ? CFA was a joke .... they didint even care only just to rearm their terror ! Hang on to your kohones boys this is....a fight to the finish and crap stop complainig dammit ! What's the hell the matter with ya guys / This is where Lanka needs each other and not doubt remember ... the Knadyan chiefs they abandonded the king & sold the dar joint to the english ! So grab your balls and stand firm ! Crap !

    Pound them Boys .. Pound them ! And VP SLA will get your fat ass !

  28. Hi,

    The first Bomb should be planted for the Chief Justice who ordered to remove barricades. That SOB is interfereing in to unneccessary business. If he say Army Barriers has not stopped Bombs, let's ask him whether his Legal Coutts has managed to reduce crime? If then why not remove all courts including the supreme court cos its useless. Bullshit!!!!

  29. The first Bomb should be planted for the Chief Justice who ordered to remove barricades. That SOB is interfereing in to unneccessary business. If he say Army Barriers has not stopped Bombs, let's ask him whether his Legal Coutts has managed to reduce crime? If then why not remove all courts including the supreme court cos its useless. Bullshit!!!!


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